Uber replaced taxi drivers in the past and now, replacing its own drivers

Taxi drivers do not have the love that we have towards Uber. In the past, taxis didn’t have any competitors at all. However with Uber, everybody could be a driver and carry people from a to b.

Uber Autonomous Vehicle

Modified Volvo XC90 | BrightTitan

Today, Uber is doing the same thing for its own drivers; replacing them with new ones. However, there is something weird. New drivers are not human. Wait what?

Uber just announced that they will start using autonomous vehicles soon.

Even though it has good points, it brings the question whether are we ready for to be driven by robots or not. Then, the second question is if the robots are ready to drive us.

Throughout the last several years, there were a lot of attempts to make driverless vehicles but it couldn’t reach to a point where it is ready to take the all of the control. Even though some of you will say that Google had successful tests, we are talking about something big. In this case, the car will drive itself without the surveillance of the engineers. It will be only you and the vehicle itself.

However, it will definitely something to improve the ai and it would be interesting to see autonomous taxis.

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