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Android is going nowhere

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Android is going nowhere

If you look at the mobile world, there are two major mobile operating systems; Android and iOS. And each of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. While Android is known for allowing users to make more changes within the system, iOS is faster, more stable and has a better future.

Let’s start with iOS. It is this beautiful operating system that is currently only available on iPhones and iPads. The main problem of the iOS for many users is how limited it is. If you want to customize your device, you only have an option to change the wallpaper and arrange the app icons. Also, you are not allowed to open or even download many file types. This way though the operating system is more secure and stable. Also, when there is a security exploit on iOS, Apple doesn’t hesitate to provide the security updates within hours.

On the other hand, there is Android. This is an operating system that powers not only mobile devices but also internet of things, some cars and even few fridges. Also, there are a lot of choices in the Android world. You are not limited to Google itself as there are billions of other Android manufacturers. This is why nobody has a real control over Android. Yes, you are free in terms of many things but that is the reason why Android is open to exploits and is not as stable as iOS.

It is not only Google’s fault though. As companies are free to customize the android on their mobile devices, they are making major changes. This has two effects. First, it is becoming harder and harder for phone or tablet to handle the operating system. Second, it is also harder for the manufacturer to provide the latest updates.

The best example for this situation would be the flagship Samsung phones. You give as much money to Note series as the iPhones. However, you are given with a real bad user experience. Despite the powerful processor and high amount of RAM, they lag so hard and Samsung is doing nothing about it. The stability problem could be solved with few updates but nobody in the Android world cares about the user experience. The other point is the security. I know that as you are allowed to download literary anything,we cannot compare Android with iOS in terms of security. But, I am talking about the exploits within the operating system. As I said, when Apple finds those exploits, they give a new update. However, the same thing cannot be said for Google. In this case, Google should release an update and then, the manufacturers should adapt this update to their devices. Nevertheless, that is not happening in the real life.

In 2016, somethings should have changed but everything is same. Still, big companies like Samsung and Sony go to the stages and announce their flagship phones with no guarantee of providing a good user experience and software updates.

You can say that fixing those issues will not be easy. No, it would be really hard and it requires cooperation of Google and other Android manufacturers.



Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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