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BrightTitan Cast 27: MacOS Sierra

GoPro Hero5

BrightTitan Cast 27: MacOS Sierra

Welcome to yet another episode of BrightTitan Cast, the main podcast of BrightTitan so far where we talk about the latest topics of the week with our own comments. And yes, we continue to use artificial voice because we believe in this technology’s potentials and it looks like people have no problem about this. So yay, artificial intelligence!

Anyway, our first topic is the release of MacOS Sierra. Yes, it is here after the release of iOS 10, tvOS 10 and WatchOS 10. It actually can be used on less computer than OS X El Capitan but it actually works similar to the previous version. It uses the same design with small changes such as new notification panel which is now always white even if you use the dark mode. Also, the notifications look like the ones on the iOS 10, meaning the app icon is now on the top and the notification itself has more rounder shape.

MacOS Sierra Siri

However, the biggest and most important feature is the Siri. Finally! We have waited for years and it is here. When you click on its icon ( located on the menu bar as well as on the dock ) or at least, do its shortcut ( which is holding cmd + space unless you want to change it ) , it will appear on the upper right and from then, you can ask for help. It is able to do what it can on iOS although it is not able to communicate with third part apps yet. Yes, it works great as the Siri has been integrated with the system so deeply that you can see your specs, documents and photos by asking it, but the lack of third-party support is the reason why it is not at the point that it should have been. However, again, Siri is finally here.

MacOS Sierra

There are also other features such as the ability to unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch, which, by the way, really makes a different if you can enable this feature, and then, you also are given the ability to see nearly all of your files on your Mac from your iPhone.

In other words, MacOS Sierra is great and if you want to learn more, you can read our review on or watch it from YouTube.

Second news is also about Apple but about iPhone 7 or more precisely, about its home button. Like the touch pad of the new MacBook as well as 2015 MacBook Pro, there is no physical button at all. In theory, it feels as if you are using a real button but you are not. You can understand this by closing your device. Shutdown your MacBook and you will not be able to click on the touchpad which is also something you can experience with iPhone 7’s home button as well. However, when powered on, it allows you to do more by sensing how much pressure you apply.

Apple iPhone 7 Home button

On MacBook, it works great even if you don’t use the preview feature, because it allows you to click on anywhere of the touchpad; not only the bottom part. However, I can’t say I got the same satisfaction with iPhone 7’s home button. It really feels as if the whole button part is moving and you often understand that you are not using a traditional button. The worse part is that this week, it has been discovered 7’s home button does not work when you wear gloves. Normally, you could go back to the home screen with any other iPhone but not scan your fingers when you had gloves. With this generation, you can do neither of them.

Then, the reason has been discovered and for some reason, the new home button requires a physical contact with your skin even when you are not using TouchID. I am sorry but it is ridiculous because so far, we  have seen only cons of the new button. I wish Apple could provide a better user experience with the new home button.

I think the other important news that we have to talk about is the Note 7’s recall which, by the way, is still not finished. That is actually why we kinda have to talk about it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a great phone but it had one major problem. It was exploding due to a battery-related problem. After following serious injuries, Samsung finally made an official recall although in my opinion, the process was held poorly.

It has been about few weeks after Samsung started to take Note 7s and now, they just announced that total of 500.000 new Note7s are shipped to carriers and retailers in U.S. However, presumably, it will not be until October for Samsung to officially relaunch Note 7.

Even though you except people to give their phones, only 25% Note 7 users in US gave their phones to Samsung. The problem is that Samsung doesn’t promise you to give your phone back before an exact date nor do they give you a phone for you to use in this period. However, let’s not forget how hard is it to return your phone. Normally, we would see top managers when a company is dealing with this kind of issue, saying sorry as well as explaining what the source of the problem and how users can return their devices. But with Samsung, the situation is different. In U.S, it is impossible for to give your phone. Each time, you go to a Samsung store, they are telling you someone would call you but nobody is calling anyone. As a result, Samsung could only collect limited Note 7s.

In this case, Samsung has two solutions. No, it is not to fasten this process but instead, preventing the phone to be charged more than 60% and annoy users by showing pop-up messages.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

That is why I criticize them. Despite the fact that the problem is life threatening, Samsung doesn’t encourage its own users to exchange their phones and they actually do nothing. As a said, you would expect to see some a sorry message with the information that explains what can you do but Samsung only has an information about this huge issue on the small corner of their websites.

As a result, if you own a Note 7 and still didn’t give it back, you should really give your phone back . Yes, you will have to wait for a while. Yes, in this period, you will not be given a high-end phone or any phone at all in some cases. However, the problem is life threatening.

By the way, the new Note7s will have a blue “S” on their boxes and the battery icon will be green instead of white.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

We also had a new introduction this week. GoPro launched its drone alongside with its new cameras.

The new drone is called as Karma and it focuses more on daily use than the professional use unlike most of the DJI drones.

To start with, GoPro Karma is small and can be folded. You can even put Karma in a backpack but GoPro still includes a special pack anyways. Also, you don’t have to put its pieces together every time. You just need to unfold its 4 arms when you want to use the drone.

GoPro Karma

On the front, there is a 3-axis gimbal that stabilizes the images taken with GoPro5 Black, Session or GoPro 4. Even though it looks odd to have the camera on the front, this design supposedly prevents blades to be in the camera’s view. You can also take out the gimbal and then stick it to a grip. This way, you can get a stable videos when you want to use it on handheld.

Speaking of easy to use, the drone comes with a remote controller that looks like the first generation Nvidia Shield. It means you have a touch screen on the one half and joysticks on the other.

GoPro also announced Hero5 Black and Hero5 to be used with GoPro Karma although the drone supports Hero 4 as well.

GoPro Hero5

Unlike the Hero4 , the fifth model comes with major changes. For example, Hero 4 didn’t have a screen ( but you could buy one by paying extra money ) whereas Hero5 comes with a built-in touchscreen display.

Speaking about the touchscreen, it is now what will you be relying on when you want to control your camera. Even though there is also a menu button, touchscreen is more important in terms of controllers.

You can also control your Hero5 by your voice. Listening you by its three microphones, the camera is able to understand 7 different languages and voice controls can be even used when you are recording a video.

However, there is a doubt about new ways of controlling the Hero5. Yes, they are more simply and surely, provides more features but what would you do when you are not in the position to use the touchscreen or the voice control. We will see when it becomes available.

Now, you don’t necessarily need the case if you are just snorkeling. Hero5 can work up to 33 feet without its case but if you are trying to do crazy things, then use it with case.

Anyway, back to the list, next topic is the new Dell XPS 13.

It was considered as the best non-convertible Windows laptop and it has been just updated. What I mean by update is minor changes. It is not a new generation after all

Dell XPS 13

On the exterior, we don’t have any changes at all although there is new Rose Gold color option. Every important update is inside. Now, it uses 7th generation Intel Kaby Lake and you have a range of processor options from i3 to i7. Furthermore, you can get 4, 8 or 16GB of LPDDR3-1866 RAM, and you can either get Sata-based SSD ( which only supports 128 GB ) or PCIe which comes with three options including 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.

Now, Dell also allows you to choose between Windows and Ubuntu although the linux version is expensive with the price tag of $949 while Windows 10 model only costs $799.

And we came to end. See you on next friday’s episode although you can follow the latest news from our website every day.

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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