Samsung Galaxy Note 7

If you didn’t return your Note 7, you can now charge it to 80%

Samsung clearly failed to motive Note 7 users to return their phones although the problem was really dangerous. However, as I said earlier, I don’t blame the users at all because the return process is a mess and takes a lot of time.

Nevertheless, Samsung found a solution for this situation, sort of. No, it is not to help users in this¬†process but instead, limiting them. Until today, you could only charge your faulty Note7 to 60% but it appears that now, users ( who didn’t return your phones ) can remove this limitation from the settings app. In any case though, you cannot still fully charge your faulty phone. Instead, you can only charge to 80%.

But as we repeat in every article about Note7, please, return your phone because preventing the phone from charging fully will not prevent the phone from exploding.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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