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Apple MacOS Sierra | Review

MacOS Sierra Review

Apple MacOS Sierra | Review

With MacOS Sierra, not only Apple tried to make its name similar to their other operating systems but also create a better ecosystem.

As of September 20, it has been officially released and we took a look at it.

To start with, it doesn’t come with major changes like OS X Yosemite, which changed the user interface of whole operating system and added many features. Like OS X El Capitan, MacOS Sierra really focuses on making our Mac more stable but it also adds long-awaited features such as Siri.


Even though it is same with OS X Yosemite and El Capitan in terms of design, there are little changes. It is actually similar about what Apple did with iOS 10. They made little design tweaks that would make the operating system look better.

This includes the new notification panel. Yes, there are still two tabs; “Today” and “Notifications” but notifications as well as widgets are different. The app icon is moved to the upper side of the card like iOS 10 or WatchOS.

However, there is one problem. Even if you activate dark mode, the notification panel no longer becomes dark. Even though it is not a major problem, I can’t come up with any reason why Apple removed the dark mode option for notification panel.

MacOS Sierra Notification


Just forget about everything. The most important thing on MacOS Sierra is Siri. After waiting for many years, it is finally on Macs.

MacOS Sierra Spotlight

In order to access it, there are few different ways. First, you can click on the Siri icon on menu bar as well as its app on the dock and launchpad. Second, you can enable it by holding cmd and space although this shortcut can be changed.

Anyway, when you activate it, Siri just listens you and then, replies. Like on iOS, it can make system-wide changes and search as well as internet-based search. However, there is one thing new. Let’s say, you asked about the pictures of iPad Pro. Then, Siri will give the images in a card and you can add this card to your notification panel to see it later. It works with most of the Siri cards and is a great feature.

However, I would really appreciate if Siri was built directly into Spotlight. Sometimes, you just don’t want to speak with your computer to get an assist and want to write it. In this case, you have spotlight which have some of Siri’s features such as showing ability to show the weather or to make system-wide searches but is not an assistant after all. Then, there is Siri which can do the main purpose of Spotlight and additionally many things but it only works with voice.

Tabs everywhere

Tabs have¬†always been an important part of OS X and is even more important on the Mac OS. Now, not only you can open tabs on Apple-apps including Apple Maps but also, open them in apps which doesn’t actually support this feature.

MacOS Sierra Tabs

It will not change the world but when you need them, they are here.

iCloud is your new main storage

With MacOS, iCloud is more important than ever. It is so important that you are given an option to backup the original version of your photos and documents on iCloud and just a copy of that on your device.

It is also a service that connects your Macs and iOS devices more than ever. Now, it even copies your file on desktop to the iCloud so that you can access them on your iPhone and iPad.


Apple has been trying to create a good ecosystem for years. That is why they announced handoff, a feature allowing you to continue your work on different Apple devices. Now, with MacOS Sierra, it is even better.

MacOS Sierra Universal Clipboard

To start with, when you copy an item, which can be a text or photo, you can paste it on another device. For example, you can copy something on your iPhone and paste it to a document on your Mac.

Furthermore, now, you can unlock your MacBook with your Apple Watch, and it works fast although enabling this feature is complicated.


MacOS Sierra is better than the previous versions and if your device is supporting it, I don’t see any reason for you not to upgrade. Siri is great and little design tweaks are nice. However, there are few problems. First, dark mode does not apply to the notification panel anymore. Second, I really feel like Spotlight and Siri could be merged together. But that does not mean, it is worse than previous versions.

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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