Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Note 7s are exploding but people are still using them

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a great phone but it had one major problem. It was exploding due to a battery-related problem. After following serious injuries, Samsung finally made an official recall although in my opinion, the process was held poorly.

It has been about few weeks after Samsung started to take Note 7s and now, they just announced that total of 500.000 new Note7s are shipped to carriers and retailers in U.S. However, presumably, it will not be until October for Samsung to officially relaunch Note 7.

Even though you except people to give their phones, only 25% Note 7 users in US gave their phones to Samsung. The problem is that Samsung doesn’t┬ápromise you to give your phone back before an exact date nor do they give you a phone for you to use in this period. In this case, Samsung has two solutions. No, it is not to fasten this process but instead, prevent the phone to be charged more than 60% and annoy users by showing pop-up messages.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7

That is why I criticize them. Despite the fact that the problem is life threatening, Samsung doesn’t encourage its own users to exchange their phones.

As a result, if you own a Note 7 and still didn’t give it back, you should really give your phone back . Yes, you will have to wait for a while. Yes, in this period, you will not be given a high-end phone or any phone at all in some cases. However, the problem is life threatening.

By the way, the new Note7s will have a blue “S” on their boxes and the battery icon will be green instead of white.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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