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You have to choose one; your privacy or a better user experience


You have to choose one; your privacy or a better user experience

Privacy has always been a serious issue with new technologies. As we had new technologies like cameras on our devices and more user-based softwares, companies and governments had more ways to collect our personal information. Even though you can say that you have nothing to hide, just ask this question to yourself. Would you give your phone number to a stranger? But you already did it. How? If you use WhatsApp, then WhatsApp obviously knows your phone number but Facebook also knows it. Or let’s say, would you want other people to know what you exactly like? Yes or No. In any case, companies like Google know more about you than your family, friends and even than yourself.


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Let’s look at what do companies know about us. You are probably using Google to search things; YouTube to watch videos; Google Maps to find a location; Facebook and/or Twitter to see the latest trends and posts from your friends, and WhatsApp to send messages. You are probably using even more apps but we cannot talk about every single service. Anyway, in our case, you gave your interests; location of your home, work and even your favorite restaurant; basic details such as where did you born and more detailed information as well; who are you family members and friends; your phone number. That is just a part of the information that companies have about you. However, the problem is that it is not only companies; it is governments as well. You are under surveillance even at your home. How? Because look around you. Nearly every smart device you have comes with microphones and cameras.

When you go to those companies and ask why do they even need these information, they say that it is essential for them to have more information about you if you want to have a better user experience.

The best example would be newly announced Google Allo. It just got out and Google didn’t put all of the privacy features as they promised during the introduction. Yes, there is an incognito mode where your chat will be encrypted but other than that, Google saves every single message on Allo and does not encrypt them. According to Google, it was something they needed to do in order for Google Assistant to be more precise. When you look at it, it sounds good. You got an artificial assistant which is actually very capable although it is in the preview version. However, good things comes with a price. In this case, the price you pay is your own privacy. You allow companies to know even more personal information and then, as a result, you are given an opportunity to make your life easier as well as less secret.

Then you can ask what can you do? Nothing. Unless you delete your every single internet account, and ditch every smart device you have, you cannot stop being spied. Even if you do that, still your family, your friends and everybody near you will continue using those smart devices and softwares which does not prevents you from being spied .


Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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