Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung recalls Note 7s because they can literally explode

Samsung just announced the recall of the Note 7, their newest and most expensive phone. This means all the sales are halted ( globally ) and the effected devices are recalled. Let me extend the term “effected devices”. Total of 35 Note 7 versions have this issue ( which is battery related ) which means 24 million sold Note 7. That is a lot, right?


Samsung Galaxy Note 7


The first report came from a South Korean News Agency, Yonhap, saying that they are preparing to recall the Note 7. Then, the recall was confirmed by a spokesperson. Later though, Yonhap indicated Samsung was in communication with carries about how to get over the recall process.

According to the Samsung official ( who asked to remain unnamed in the report ), the situation is not as bad as it looks because the effected devices are only 0.1% of all the units and it is as simple as changing the battery to solve the issue.

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