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Sony has introduced PS4 Slim and Pro

Sony PS4 Slim & Pro

Sony has introduced PS4 Slim and Pro

Sony clearly won the console war with the PlayStation 4 because it had one real focus; gaming. Whereas, Microsoft advertised Xbox One as a media player which could handle games. Now, we have two new PS4s. Slim as an answer to Xbox One S and Pro to compete with next year’s Microsoft Scorpion.

Sony PS4 Slim & Pro

Sony PS4 Slim

The first model is the new Sony Playstation 4 Slim. As the name suggests, PS4 Slim is about the new design more than hardware based changes. The most important change is the fact that now, it is thinner. Despite the new design though, there is nothing new inside. Sony PlayStation 4 Slim uses the same processor, same GPU, same RAM and even same outputs as the regular model. It also offers either 500GB or 1TB main storage like the main one.

As you can see, PS4 Slim is basically the shrunk version of the regular model.

However, there is a new controller, sort of. I mean it looks same and works same but additionally, there is one more lightbar which is located above the touchpad.

And here comes the price. The new Playstation 4 costs $299 for the 500GB base model and little more for the 1TB model.

What is worth mentioning is that in the following months, the slim version will replace the current model. In other words, you will see stop seeing the regular model soon.

Sony PS4 PRO

The second device is the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro. It is the excepted “PS4 Neo” but for some reason, Sony named it “Pro” instead of “Neo”.

Let’s start with its design. It is actually bigger than the current one ( measuring 295mm x 55mm x 327mm vs 275mm x 53mm x 305mm)  and heavier as well at 3.3kg.

Why it is bigger? The answer lies within the console. PS4 Pro comes with a new AMD Radeon Polaris based graphic card. Updated GPU includes 4.20 TFLOPS which is a great upgrade over the regular model’s 1.84 TFLOPS. Also, the Pro model has only one option for the main storage and that is 1TB. Even though the regular model also offers that, still, most of the PS4s have 500GB storage which is, frankly, not enough. Anyway, other than the new GPU and increased base storage, there is no change with the hardware at all. It has the same CPU ( but this time, it is overclocked ) with the regular model as well as the same RAM.

With the updated hardware, the Pro model is able to handle 4K and HDR games. However, not every game will offer 4K and HDR gaming right now. Having no exclusive games, some games will be updated only for the Pro model with 4K graphics.

Naturally, PS4 Pro costs more than the standard version. In U.S, Pro model has a price tag of $399.

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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