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Sony PS4 Slim Review

Sony PS4 Slim

Sony PS4 Slim Review

For the last several years, we were seeing slim of the consoles. This year, the situation is a little bit different. We have seen the PlayStation 4 Slim, which replaces the current PlayStation 4, but there is also a Pro Model. Although PS4 Pro will not be available until  November 10, PS4 Slim is already out.

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim is basically a replacement for the current PS4 which means design is the only major change. Yes, there are some minor changes such as the support for the new network standards but that will not be the reason why people will buy the slim version.

You actually don’t have a choice between PS4 and PS4 Slim. Even though PS4 is not a part of history yet, it will be soon removed from the market and when you want to buy a PS4, you will be offered the slim for the same price.


For starters, PS4 Slim is not only thinner but smaller as well. While PS4’s dimensions are 305 x 275 x 54 mm, PS4 Slim’s sizes are relatively smaller at 288 x 265 x 39 mm. However, personally, I didn’t like the new design. The original PS4 was not huge at all but it surely had a great elegant modern design. The glossy and matte finishes were great. The slim model, on the other hand, is completely matte and does not have sharp lines like the original model.

Sony PS4 Slim

I really thing that Sony could do better. I mean while Microsoft improved their design with Xbox One S, Sony made its design worse with PS4 Slim. It is a shame.

Sony PS4 Slim

The one thing that I loved with the new design though is the physical buttons. You can say that the power and remove buttons looked great on the PS4 but they were not useful at all. At least, new buttons are not activated when you are just cleaning your console or you don’t have to find the exact spot to activate it.


I will not tell every single feature of the PS4 Slim because there is nothing new. Everything is completely same. You get the same CPU, GPU and even the same HDD. The only difference is the support for latest network standards which was actually something needed because original PS4 had many problems with network .

The same hardware also provides a same user experience. It is not faster than the original one. Just put the previous model and the slim side by side, you will not even be able tell any difference in performance.

However, it is not something that I criticize. I think it is how the slim models should be because we are not seeing next generation.


There is also a new controller. I mean improved one. It still has the same design and works same as well but with some really minor changes. For example, buttons are more grayish and more rubbery. There is also a second light above the touchpad so you can see the light when you are holding the controller.

Sony PS4 Dualshock 4


There is really nothing much to say about PS4 Slim. If you don’t count the design, everything is same but it is not a problem because it is just a replacement. In terms of design though, I cannot say I appreciate it.

Also, if you own a PS4, you really shouldn’t upgrade to the slim but if you are in the market, you should get the new one even though it looks ugly. Why? Because it doesn’t have all the problems that happened on the original PS4.

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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