Future of the TV is apps so Apple discontinues the older AppleTV

Apple believes that the future of the Television is Apps. That is why with the forth generation Apple TV, apps are more important than the streaming. This is probably the reason why Apple stopped selling the third-generation Apple TV, which’s focus was otherwise.

AppleTV ( Third Gen )

Third generation looked exactly same with the second-generation from 2010, but it had a faster processor and a support for 1080p. Apple continued to sell it even after the release of the new one but as a cheaper option for the users who just wanted to stream content from their iPhones to their TVs.

Now, you only have one option if you don’t want to get a second hand. That is the latest AppleTV with a price tag of $149 for 32 GB and $199 for 64 GB.

Source | 9to5Mac

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