Non-tethered iPhones

It seems it is now easier to steal iPhones from Apple Stores, but that isn’t true

Last week, Apple showed the preview of its redesigned concepts stores in London Regent Street. However, the most notable difference was the absent of the tethers on the displayed products. As CNET noted,

” the most interesting feature of the store is that when it opens to the public at the weekend the devices won’t be tethered to the tables as they were previously, and are in other stores around the world. Apple says this is to allow people to hold them properly, try cases on them and even see how they feel in your pocket.”

At first, it seemed like it was a good idea for user experience, but bad for the security. However, then, it was realized that from now, displayed products will have a new feature embedded into their operating systems. In the past, we have seen many restrictions over the displayed iPhones, iPads and even Macs. For example, you could literally set a password for those devices in the past, but not anymore. Or you could change the homepage of the Safari to the any site you want. Again, you can’t do it now.

Non-tethered iPhones

Credit | CNET

According to 9to5Mac, those devices will have a “kill switch” which will disable the iPhones at the moment they go out of the range of the wifi networks in the Apple Stores. Plus, Apple can easily track the stolen devices with “Find my iPhone” app.

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