Messenger lite

Facebook Messenger Lite is a basic messaging app for developing countries

Facebook already has many users in its ecosystem, but they still want to widen the number of  users by providing free internet as well as lite applications to the developing country. After releasing Facebook Lite, a service allowing you to access certain websites without using your data, they launched the slimmed down version of Facebook Messenger. The app is named as Messenger Lite, and it doesn’t necessarily have all the features found in the full version, but it provides stable messaging for a less data and for slower phones.

Unlike Facebook Lite, slimmed down Messenger doesn’t allow you to do things for free without an internet connection at all. Instead, for a limited data, it allows users to send texts, photos, links and even stickers.

Messenger lite

The app itself ( which, by the way, is only 10 mb ) may help Facebook to growth its popularity in countries where the internet speed is not high.

Source | FaceBook Newsroom 

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