Galaxy TabPro S now comes in gold and with more RAM

Galaxy TabPro S was a Windows tablet designed to compete with Microsoft’s Surface lineup. It was thinner than its competitor, but it struggled with one thing. That was the performance issues. There was a Core M3 processor with 4GB of RAM in the tablet. This resulted in many lags especially when there were many Chrome Tabs. However, it shouldn’t be a problem with the new model. It is named as “Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Gold Edition”. Not only it has better specs, but it also comes in gold.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

Now, there is 8GB of RAM with up to 256 GB of main storage. Other than those chances though, it is the same TabPro S. It uses the same design ( although it is now colored in gold ) with the same keyboard. Even though we have nothing bad to say about its design, Samsung could have made some improvements on its keyboard. But at least, with this model, they solved the major problem.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S
However, those improvements will cost you. Gold Edition is $200 more expensive at the price of $999. The price raises some questions though. Even though it is more powerful than the last generation, it still comes with Core m processors whereas Surface Pro 4 can be chosen with either i5 or i7.

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