Google Daydream View

Google Daydream View is a VR headset that is not made out from cardboard

Alongside with Pixel and Pixel XL, Google also announced DayDream View VR headset. It is designed to work with any Android phone as long as the phone  supports Daydream. This means, so far, new pixel phones are the only compatible devices.

Google Daydream View

Compared to Cardboard VR, it is not made out from cardboard. Instead, Google chose to use foam and soft fabric on the main body with plastics to hold the phone. This way, it weights only 200 gram making it lighter than all-plastic Gear VR.

The most important thing to mention is its remote controller, the biggest problem that we faced with Gear VR. Unlike the Samsung’s VR headset, it is shipped by a sleek controller allowing you to control the user interface of the VR headset.

With the VR, you can play games or watch movies from different sources including YouTube or Netflix.

Google Daydream View

DayDream View will be shipped in November with a price tag of $79.

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