Google Wifi

Google Wifi is here to prove that routers don’t have to be hard to use

Today’s Google event was all about Google’s afford to make its own products. Other companies were producing phones for Google, but now, Google is making its own phones. It also applies for routers as well With OnHub routers, they wanted to prove that routers don’t necessarily have to be hard to use. But OnHub devices were made by either Asus or TP-Link. Now, Google also makes its own router named as Google Wifi.

Google Wifi allows you to connect different ones together so that, you can have an extended range of wifi without losing quality. To make this happen though, you have to purchase more than one Google Wifi. Single one is on the sale for $129, but Google sells three-pack for $299. It is not expensive when you look at its competitor’s prices.

Google Wifi

As you would expect, it supports latest standards including AC1200 wireless speeds and able to provide simultaneous dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks.

All of the settings can be controlled throughout its mobile app so when you want to make a change or outcome a problem, you don’t have to connect your computer with a cable.

Like any other product in the event, Google will start taking pre-orders in November and will start to ship in December.

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