Google Jamboard is a 4K whiteboard

It seems like Google is determined about being a hardware company. Recently, we have seen their consumer-focused products including Pixel, Home and Wifi. Now, they introduced yet another product, but this time, it is for the business world. Google Jamboard is a huge white board.

Google Jamboard

Smaller than the Microsoft Surface Hub, Google Jamboard is equipped with a 55-inch 4K touchscreen. Its display supports 16 simultaneous touch inputs. It means few people can interact simultaneously with it either by using their finger or using styluses. The screen, by the way, can sense if you are drawing with your finger or just deleting stuff.

Google Jamboard

However, the real magic is the Google applications on the white board. Based on G Suite platform, you can make conferences, take notes, edit files and use any application in this platform. That is why it is believed that Google’s board can be more successful than Surface Hub. Google undoubtedly has a huge library of software products and they have many partners for their G Suite platform.

Google says that they will release the Jamboard in 2017 for under $6,000. Keep in mind, it is nearly $3000 cheaper than the Surface Hub.



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