Microsoft Surface Keyboard

This is Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Keyboard

It is not a secret that Microsoft wants to widen the Surface world. In the past, we only had Surface tablets but now, we have Surface Books besides them. And in the near future, we would have All-in-one desktop Surfaces. Even though we don’t have many things to say about it, the images of its keyboard and its mouse appeared on the internet thanks to FCC.

Simply named as, Surface Keyboard and Surface Mouse, these devices are expected to come with the Surface Desktop. But Microsoft can sell them separately as well exactly like Apple.

Microsoft Surface Keyboard

To start with, take Apple’s wireless Magic keyboard and add a numeric numbers to the right side. Congratulations. You just designed the upcoming Surface Keyboard. In this case though, it is simple and not annoyingly big.

Microsoft Surface Keyboard

On the other hand, there is Surface Mouse which doesn’t exactly look like Apple Magic Mouse. It is designed to match the keyboard. That is why the mouse is grey. I also need to mention that the mouse looks like Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse which was far from being ergonomic.

Microsoft Surface Mouse

Beside the pictures though, there is no information about these products.

Source | Thurrott

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