Two more replacement Note 7 phones caught fire in just a single day

In the last few days, three replacement Note 7 phones caught fire, and now, there are two more cases. Forth case happened in the morning of October 9th in Virginia whereas the fifth case happened in Texas, few hours after the forth case. Again, two of the phones were replacement ones and similarly to the last accidents, the phones were not even connected to the plugin.

In the forth case, Sprint store offered yet another replacement Note 7 to the user, but he decided to get Samsung Galaxy S7 instead.

replacement Note 7 caught fire

With the fifth case though, we don’t have any details which phone the affected user got instead of the Note 7.

replacement Note 7 caught fire

In any case though, it is needed for Samsung to do something about the issue. If they don’t stop the sales of Note 7, at least, they can have yet another recall. Although, I believe they need to hail the sales.

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