Pandora is rebranding itself with a new logo

Believe it or not, but the Pandora, not so popular music streaming service only available in U.S., Australia and New Zealand, was created sixteen years ago. However, it has been barely improved. Now, it is rebranding itself with a new logo involving vibrant color scheme.

Pandora Rebranding

The rebranding is a part of their effort to reach 11 million subscribers by 2020 in order to compete with its rivals, Spotify and Apple Music.

Even though the monthly active listeners they have is not really different than the amount Spotify has, only 3.9 million users are paying to Pandora whereas there are about 40 million paying subscribers on Spotify.

Pandora thinks that the new streaming service that they will launch by the end of this year will help them to decrease this gap so will the rebranding.


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