Samsung should remove the Note 7 from market after all

Let’s be honest. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a great phone. It showed us how a good Android phone should be like. However, its good reputation didn’t last for long when we started to hear about the explosions. Even though every phone can explode in under some circumstances, Note 7 had a specific problem related to the battery which could result in an explosion. Nevertheless, weeks after the release of Note 7, Samsung made an official recall. It sounded it would be easy. They would change the dangerous phones with the new ones that come with a new battery produced by another company. But, the recall process was done very poorly. Not only no one from the Samsung executives apologized for putting their users life at risk, but the recall process was slow. In any case though, they managed to change most of the Note 7s not all. The new ones could be identified by the small black square on the box and green battery icon on the user interface. We though that Samsung solved the problem, right? Not only the problem hasn’t been solved, but it even got worse.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Recently, three Note 7s have exploded. However, the bad thing is that all of them were replacements. Ones that supposed to be safe. First case happened when the device was exploded resulting in burning the user’s skin. Then, the second case happened in a plane where the phone burned downed the carpet under the seats. Third case happened when a teenager was holding her phone. As you can see, the new ones are also exploding. Again, putting the users life at danger.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

On the other hand, Samsung just said that their primary focus is the safety of their users. But, they are doing nothing about the current situation. They even didn’t make any statements for two of the cases.

At this step, no one would want another recall. The only thing that Samsung can do is to stop the sales of Note 7. It seems like even if they don’t do such a thing, resellers and carriers will do it by themselves. Right now, no one officially stop the sales, but the US carriers started to exchange the new Note 7s with any phone. As you can see, there is nothing much to do for Samsung, but to cancel the sales.

In any case though, this will continue affecting Samsung in a bad way. You don’t have to be a professional economists to understand the impact for this recall on Samsung. They lost millions of dollars and the respect of their own users. Yet, they are not doing anything to rebuilt this respect.

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