You can now stream Facebook videos to Apple TV and Chromecast

Facebook believes in the potential of videos not matter by whom they are made. That is why Facebook invested heavily to make the News Feed a source of video centre where you can watch variety of videos including live streams made by your family or friends, and professionally edited videos. Besides, they also want to make videos appear on as much as display possible. Today, they are rolling a new feature. When using the Facebook app, you will be able to stream videos to your streaming box.

Streaming Facebook Videos

Only working on iOS so far, the streaming feature works with Apple TV and Chromecast. And it is easy to use. When watching a video on the social media, you will see a button on the righthand corner. When pressed, the video will appear on your television, assuming you have either Apple TV or Chromecast. On your televesion, you can see the video as well as the reactions while you can continue to use Facebook on your phone.

Source | FB Newsroom 

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