BMW 5-series CarPlay

2017 BMW 5-Series is the first car to come with wireless CarPlay

This week, BMW announced the 2017 version of 5-series. It is the small version of 7-series. This means, it has the technological features coming from its big brother. For example, the drivers have the ability to control the car interface with gestures. However, new 5-series has one feature that is not present on any car. That is the wireless CarPlay.

BMW 5-series CarPlay

For many years, Apple’s car interface has been used on many cars by many manufacturers. But, drivers needed to connect their iPhones with USB. Whereas, the drivers of the 2017 5-series won’t need a cable to use Apple CarPlay. They will be able to do that wirelessly.

It is great to see that manufacturers are starting to use CarPlay more. Even though it is far from being great, it is better than most of the user interfaces on the vehicles after all

Source | BMW Group


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