Tag Heuer Connected Rose Gold

Heuer Connected now comes in Rose Gold, if you are willing to spend $9900

Last year, Tag Heuer entered the smartwatch market with its Carrera Connected model. Powered by Intel processor, Connected was running on Android Wear. It watch was made out of titanium with a sapphire crystal coating. But everything comes with a cost as the watch had a price tag of $1,500.

Tag Heuer Connected Rose Gold

Tag Heuer Connected Rose Gold

Now, Tag Heuer’s smartwatch comes with a new color option, Rose Gold. Other than the new color option though, it is still the same watch using the titanium body from the original model. It even uses the same processor. But the biggest change, which is actually the only change, is the addition of the Rose Gold.

However, new color option increases the price from $1,500 to nearly $10,000. Even though Rose Gold is getting more and more popular each day, it is not clear why the addition of this color increases the price this much.

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