Display is the new Lyft Mustache

Lyft is similar to Uber in many ways, but at the same time, they have a different vision for personal taxis. While Uber chose to make their cars mingle with the regular vehicles, Lyft decided to make their rides more personal with the use of huge pink mustaches attached in front of the vehicles. That was, by the way, a bright idea especially in areas where a lot of people use these ride-sharing services. In those times, it is hard to know which car is yours. Even though the mustache helped people to know which cars were using Lyft, it didn’t help when more than one people ordered a car from the same service to the same street. Now, Lyft has a new device, a replacement for the mustache, to solve these problems.



It is basically a colored display attached to the car’s dashboard. It is connected to the driver’s phone via bluetooth, so the device, named as Amp, can show different colors to help you identify the car. The device has two displays, one facing the windshield and the second one facing the interior. While the side facing outside can only display one of the five main colors, the rear side can show texts.


Lyft Amp


The progress is simple. When you order a car from Lyft, you are shown a color, which will be displayed with the Amp inside the car. You can even tap a button within the app to display the same color on your phone, so the driver can also identify you.


Lyft Amp


When you get inside though, the device can be used to give messages to the drivers. For example, the device can show simple words such as “Hello” or “Welcome” as well as more personalized ones such as “Hi, [your name]”.


In the future, at least according to Lyft, you will even able to play games using the device although it is not clear how are you going to do such a thing.


So far, there are mixed opinions about the Amp. While it is obvious that the use of such a device will help riders to get into the correct vehicle, there is a possibility that a device showing bright colors in front of the driver may distract the driver after all.



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