Mercedes-Mayback S650 Cabriolet

Maybach has a new cabriolet

Mercedes-Maybach has a new luxury car, a cabriolet, if you can afford it


Once, Maybach was only making the most-luxuries cars. However, during the recent years, Mercedes made some changes with the Maybach brand. The biggest change was that Maybach stopped to make its own cars. Instead, they started to customize Mercedes’ S-Class vehicles in a similar to the modifications made by AMG. After the rebranding of the Maybach, there was only one Maybach model , which was the longer version of S-Class sedan. Nevertheless, they have a new car, which is yet another model based on the S-Class, but instead of sedan, it is a cabriolet, named as S650 Cabriolet.


Mercedes-Mayback S650 Cabriolet


It is similar to the Maybach S600, because of the fact that it is more expensive than the regular S-Class it is based on. However, it is even more expensive and exclusive than the S600 Maybach Sedan. Mercedes will only made 300 of S650 Cabriolet, and only 75 of those units will arrive to the US.


Mercedes-Mayback S650 Cabriolet


Under its hood, you will find a 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 with a total horsepower of 621 hp and pound-feet of 738 torque. This is enough for a top speed of 155 miles per hour, which is approximately 250 km/h.



You can, at least if you are in the US, only choose the car with three color options. First color option is Zircon Red for the outside and porcelain alongside with black for interior. The second option is a special tone of Blue ( named as Cote d’Azur ) with porcelain and saddle brown for the interior. Last option is white exterior with porcelain and Yacht Blue interior. The third option, however, is the most special one as it belongs to Mercedes’ designo line.



Even though there is no official information about either the availability nor the pricing, it is expected to cost as much as the sedan version. In addition, if you purchase the car, you are given a set of travel luggages with the same leather as your car’s interior.


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