Pandora Redesign

This is the new Pandora

After launching Pandora Plus as a part of their rebranding, Pandora began to roll out a new design for its desktop website with additional features for the Plus subscribers.



Pandora Redesign


The new version moves the menu bar to the top in order to create a fixed bar for music controls, so that you won’t be dealing with extra menus when you simply want to pause the music. This change also affects the artwork, which is now located at the centre of the display. Below the artwork, you are provided with information about the song you are listing as well as lyrics if available.


If you are a Pandora Plus subscriber though, the new update brings additional features for you such as replays or skips. As you can understand, the reply button can be used to restart a song from the beginning whereas the skip feature let you get to the next song easier. Even though those features are not necessarily restricted for the Plus users, users paying money get more skips. However, it is important to mention that if you are a free user and run out of skips, you can watch ad videos to get new ones.


Those new features will be start to roll out today for Pandora’s website.



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