Rebranding the BrightTitan
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Rebranding the BrightTitan

BrightTitan 4.0 Logo

Rebranding the BrightTitan

Dear our readers,

We are proud to announce that we are rebranding the BrightTitan, because we think that we can always provide a better experience. When we opened the BrightTitan on February 3rd, 2016, our only focus was to inform our readers about the latest technology news. However, in the last several months, our focus widened as we added new topics and pages. We thought that adding new features was everything we needed to do, but we were wrong. That is why, today, we are rebranding ourselves.


We thought that adding new features was everything we needed to do, but we were wrong.


The biggest change is our perspective towards the BrightTitan. It is no longer a site where you are limited with some of the latest topics. Instead, BrightTitan is now an effort to see how technology affects our life in general. This means you are going to see huge chances in our topics. The range of topics we write now includes many categories; transportation, gaming, entertainment, and of course, technology. Don’t get us wrong though. BrightTitan is still a technology website. For example, we are not going to criticize the latest movies, instead, we are going write about the technological developments in the entertainment world. In other words, we started to focus in more areas which are influenced by the technology.


BrightTitan is now an effort to see how technology affects our life


The other difference we made with our brand is changing the whole category system. To be frank, our category system was a mess both for the authors and for the readers. We used to have total of 114 categories including different topics, company names and even product names. With our rebranding, we decreased the number of categories from 114 to 5, which now only includes technology, culture, business, science and transportation. Now, we only use categories to sort the articles, because that is the main function of the categories after all.


However, our new perspective will not be something you will notice instantly. It will be our new design. Until now, we have used three different designs. First one was made for personal blogs, and was used by us when we were using Weebly. But when we switch to WordPress, we, obviously, needed to change our theme. The second theme we used was simple, and it was consisted of squares for each article. It was good enough for a news site, but we happen to have many problems with it. For some reason, it supported an odd sizing for medias. That was when we switched to our previous theme. At first, we thought that we found the design we always wanted. However,  as we used it, we understood that our previous design was not the best choice for a website with many articles. As a result, we changed our design, again. Our latest design is a great example of how a website should look like in 2016. We are in the era of simplism and besides, it is the time for us to make our websites responsibly. So, here you go. Now, you can experience a fully responsible site.


BrightTitan logo


As a conclusion, it is the biggest change we have ever made in BrightTitan. In the past, we only changed our logo or our theme, but with BrightTitan 4.0, we are changing the BrightTitan itself. Nevertheless, we will never stop to give you the best user experience.


However, in order to focus on BrightTitan, we are, crestfallenly, closing our sister website, XtremeLanguages. Even though it is still accessible, we are going to shut down XL in a close future. Yes, it means the people using XtremeLanguages with the purpose of developing their language skills will be affected in a bad way, but this closure of our second site will result in us putting more time and resource into the BrightTitan.


We are looking forward for your feedbacks for our new brand.




Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan


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