Audi Q3

2018 Audi Q3 is all about tech

Audi wants to strengthen the hand in the compact SUV market, which is getting more interesting every day. Continuing its leaps in the league of compact SUVs with Q2, Audi is preparing to face Q3, one of the most preferred models of its product range, with a new face. According to the report in Auto Express, Audi, which will blend the Q3 with the new design language that will be available to users with the 2018 model year, is also considering giving the model a full electric version.


Audi Q3


The 2016 Q3, which will be built on the new version of the MQB platform offered in the Volkswagen group, is expected to have an increase in its dimensional values ​​as well as infrastructure. In total; The new Q3, with a length increase of 60 mm, a width of 50 mm and a distance of 50 mm at the axle, is expected to offer a wider user space, especially in luggage space. In addition to refreshing the exterior design, we expect a much more ergonomic and stylish cockpit design from the Q3, which we expect to face with a much more sophisticated interior design. In 2018 model, which will be powered by hardware, it looks like Audi’s virtual cockpit will be included with the new steering wheel.



In addition to the internal combustion engine options, the new model, which is on the agenda to present the hybrid version, although not in the first phase, can also offer an electric version with the same infrastructure as the technology used in the Volkswagen e-Golf. In this context, we can say that Q3, which will be supplied electrically, will also have a fast charging feature. It is still unclear at which organization the new Q3 is expected to be introduced in 2017 with the new face.

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