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Don’t buy a 32 GB phone in 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Don’t buy a 32 GB phone in 2017

As the Android Nougat is expanding, the balance in the smartphone world is changing. The borders are no longer as sharp as the old one, and 32 GB of internal storage space may not be enough.


In the new year, many flagships will be offered for smartphone sales. The companies are already on official announcements or they allow rumors to emerge. But 2017 may be the year you shouldn’t buy a 32 GB of Android phones.



So why are we using these expressions? Our first answer is the Android Nougat. Applications designed for Android Nougat are more refined and complex than their predecessors. The complex and refined structure means more megabytes and gigabytes.


Unfortunately, not all apps can be transferred to internal storage options like the SD card. Google Play service only requires 500 MB for itself. Frequently used third-party software is also not generous. On Facebook and Snapchat we can see the storage requirements of 100-200 MB. Our popular communication application, Whatsapp, which does not fall from our hands, can not be transferred to the SD card, and the need for storage space is not that bad. Do not ignore Instagram, Twitter and Chrome’s stored data in the cache. We also need to keep in mind that apps like Chrome can not be moved to internal storage.



With the development of smartphones, we can now shoot 4K Ultra HD photos and videos. Keeping these things is not a waste of every baby’s phone; Even if you get help from an application like Google Photos.
We usually buy flagship smartphones with long-term contracts from service providers. How much storage will be enough for 32 GB in an environment where applications are growing so fast?


If you’re using Android Marshmallow, 32 GB of internal storage may seem adequate, but dozens more are needed for Android N, Android O and beyond with dozens of new features.



The Android Nougat is not an operating system that can easily grow with 5-6 GB. With applications and updates that are not needed and can not be transferred to the SD card, this figure can easily surpass 10 GB. Sony learned the bitter truth in 2015. Models like the M4 Aqua only had an internal storage capacity of 8 GB. The operating system installed on such a device left you only 1.3 GB of space. At the same time, when you upload basic applications like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you start to see an annoying exclamation mark on the left side of the screen. A similar misfortune with future applications is inevitable for 32 GB devices.


If you are buying a mid-range phone and your expectations are relatively low, 32 GB is enough for you. But if you are buying a flagship ship, do not be surprised at the 64 GB models.

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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