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AWS has two new services

AWS re-Invent

AWS has two new services

In the re:Invent, which was held in Las Vegas, Amazon Web Services introduced AWS Greengrass software, which allows customers to run Amazon Web Services information processing, messaging, data caching and synchronization functions on connected devices. With Greengrass, devices can run Lambda functions to keep device data in sync and communicate with other devices while leveraging AWS Cloud’s data processing, analysis, and storage power.


AWS also announced the new Snowball data transfer tool, Snowball Edge. The AWS Snowball Edge, which can carry data up to twice as much (up to 100TB) as the Snowball, comes with Greengrass and is capable of transferring data from Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Edge is a hybrid device that can run the AWS Lambda to cluster and analyze data to create a storage pool for the company.



Proliferation of IOT devices; Connected equipment in factories can steadily manage their internal infrastructures that are not in the data center, such as oil wells, agricultural land, hospitals, automobiles. Because these devices run on microprocessors with limited processing power and memory, they often use AWS and cloud for information processing, analysis and storage. However, because of the waiting times or intermittent connections that make it impossible to apply to the cloud, trust in the cloud is not ideal. In these cases, IoT devices need to be able to perform some tasks locally. Programming and updating software functionality on IoT devices is challenging and complex.
AWS Greengrass is software designed to run AWS Lambda functions and AWS IoT functionality locally on virtually any connected device. As Greengrass customers do in AWS Cloud, AWS removes the complexity of programming and updating processes of IoT devices by allowing them to use Lambda to run code on virtually any connected device. With Greengrass, developers can add AWS Lambda functions to a connected device via the AWS Management Console, and the device will run the code locally. Thus, devices can respond to events in real time and act by themselves. AWS Greengrass also includes AWS IoT messaging and synchronization, which allows devices to send messages to other devices without reconnecting to the cloud.
“The connected devices for our customers, who pioneer large-scale IOT deployments, represent an increasing percentage of their infrastructure. These IoT devices will form a customer-managed primary in-house infrastructure as the servers rapidly move into the cloud. This is the new generation of hybrid IT,” said Marco Argenti, Amazon Web Services Mobile and IOT vice president. “Customers are asking IoT devices to run their programming and data processing tasks locally as an extension of the their cloud environment. AWS Greengrass makes this possible by placing a ‘mini AWS’ in the connected devices, which is a set of selected AWS functions. With the messaging and security features of Lambda and AWS IOT, customers can run IOT applications on all local IOT devices and AWS Cloud using the same programming model. ”


The growing number of semiconductor manufacturers, including Intel, Qualcomm and Annapurna Labs, are integrating Greengrass into their own platforms. The devices thus produced come with the Greengrass embedded in them.



AWS Snowball is a service that transfers data measured by petabytes. Snowball uses secure tools to allow customers to transfer large amounts of data from AWS. Since the AWS Snowball data transfer service was launched in October 2015, customers have sent data to AWS Snowball devices that can travel around the Earth more than 100 times. The new Snowball Edge tool has all the durability, portability, safety and ease of use Snowball has. But Snowball will carry twice as much data (up to 100 TB) and will reach four times the network speed. Customers can also create a storage pool by clustering multiple AWS Snowball Edge devices and easily connect Snowball Edge devices to existing data center environments. Greengrass comes embedded in the new Snowball Edge.
“The feedback we received from customers about using the Snowball for the past year was unbelievable. Within a week we did not have any snowballs. When we talked to customers about what they liked most and what they wanted to see later, they told us that they wanted to be able to transfer more data, aggregate multiple Snowballs, and do some data processing on the device, “said Bill Vass, vice president of Storage Services at AWS. “We are thrilled to be introducing the Snowball Edge, a true hybrid. In addition to allowing customers to transfer 100 TB of data in less than a week, Snowball Edge is able to exchange data with Amazon S3, aggregate Snowballs into a single, in-house storage pool, and enable customers to share Snowball Edge with AWS before they send it back to us. “

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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