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BattleField 1 | Review & Gameplay

BattleField 1

BattleField 1 | Review & Gameplay

Focused on wars, FPS games have consumed too much of the source material. Particularly benefited from the flesh of the Second World War and its milk, it is likely that today an average FPS player is more dominant than many history masters. As the source materials became obsolete, the producers began to show the modern turning weight and eventually create imaginary battle scenarios in the future. It is impossible to see an FPS when we do not fly a drill right or left. In such an environment, the Battlefield series took a surprising maneuver and decided to return to the roots. Moreover, they decided to focus on the First World War to the war that has been ignored, despite the fact that construction has been made. This is a very interesting move because the greatest reason why World War I has been ignored so far is based on the idea that the variety of weapons and equipment will not satisfy the players. We see with Battlefield 1 that when implemented correctly World War I is quite a point shooter choice.



As you know, the Battlefield series has always focused on multi-player modes and ignored the scenario in general terms. The highly evident stories that were added to make it a shame were so superficial and devastatingly prepared that we regret to see that nothing we can think of when we look back into the past is not offered to us (except the Bad Company). But here is a multiplayer experience that has been shown to the players for many years as the best by the majority, despite the dumb scenario modes. Here we will start with scenario mode to examine the new game of such a series. Obviously we are also astonished, but this time part of the story is also devoted to serious labor. From the very first moment you started playing, the game is trying to make the bottom of what is a disgusting, nasty and unchanging phenomenon of war.


BattleField 1


Look, this may seem like a trivial detail, but it’s incredibly valuable. Because these people earn money from those who want to be part of the war, and it is a behavior that requires courage to get up and stand on the dirty face of it. No matter which front and purpose it is, it is a game behind every weapon and death reveals that all these people have become reality. When we start the story, we are faced with a system other than what we are accustomed to. Instead of creating a story that we started at a point and followed up to the finals, the producers created independent war stories. We can play five main stories that are divided into different parts in the order we want. Each one focuses on different characters, fronts and forms of play. We watch the story of a man who in one gambler learns mankind in the war and another man who gives up everything in order to save his brother’s life. On the basis of all of them lies the importance shown in human values.


BattleField 1


From a distance, these stories seem completely irrelevant to each other, but in fact they all have common points. For example, it includes the use of a different vehicle / equipment (tank, plane, horse, armored unit). In the meantime, it is possible to get a chance to progress in secret at one point. When we look at the result, we can easily see that the story part of the game has a skillfully prepared education for multiplayer. If you complete the stories before entering any game, you can have an idea of ​​all the mechanics in the game without exception. We were especially pleased to see that your privacy has been integrated into a game that can breathe on large scales like Battlefield. Of course it is not the best design we have ever seen, but it is pleasing to be able to progress by making plans beyond the advance by shooting. Most parts, if you move correctly, it is possible to complete the level without even firing a single bullet. It was a handsome move that it was not missed in an environment where close combat like the First World War was so prevalent.


BattleField 1


You may be aware that we started to talk about the multiplayer mode rather late . That’s the reason why we are very excited to see a decent Battlefield scenario after many years. On the other hand, there is no such difference in the multi-player side either. It is useful to stand a little bit on “Operations”. As you know, the First World War was a war that proceeded by taking advantage of the structure of the trenches and taking up pieces of territory. Operations makes this a play mode. While one side is attacking forward, the other side is trying to protect its territories in mapped divisions. As the area falls, the defensive line retreats and defends the area behind. This mode, which makes for a rather long-lived encounter, made it possible for the first time to be reflected in the way war should be. The multiplayer modes, which can not go beyond the clash of a group of people who are thrown into a zone under normal conditions, have a much more meaningful and accurate feeling here. Other than that, all the other modes that you like and are familiar with are also playable.



In a graphical sense, Battlefield 1 is performing excellently. It is not true that it is only true to reduce the event to graphics. It would be more accurate to speak of a tremendous atmosphere. When all elements such as sounds, music, maps and so on come together, the environment you are in is succeeding in breaking you down from reality. Battlefield 1 is definitely one of the coolest games of the season with its not-so-bad stories added to the very good multi-player modes. Do not listen to unnecessary speakers and just enjoy this exquisite game.






  • PC, PS4, Xbox One



Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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