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BMW i8 | Review

BMW i8

BMW i8 | Review

Since our first day at BrightTitan, we have included automobile news in our website. But for the first time we are with a car review. Obviously, we were selective about the first car we review. The criteria we used to focus on is that the first car we will examine would be one of the best which will stand out with its technology and focus on being unique. Revolutionizing its class with the concept of sustainability, here is the BMW i8, which has all these features,



Before we go down to details, let’s say at the very beginning what we will say at the end; BMW i8 is an unusual car that everyone will want to own, but when it comes to purchasing, you need to have a different point of view besides your financial strength. Let’s start with the exterior design of the i8 without losing any more time.





BMW i8



Provoking Details



The BMW i8 comes in four different color options; Sophisto Grey, Ion Grey, Protonic Blue and Crystal White. To be honest, although we have tested the Sophisto gray one, our favored is the crystal white. The white color option is even more striking to us, but we can not deny the batmobile air we got with the Sophisto Grey.



BMW i8


BMW engineers have never exaggerated when designing the i8 to have aerodynamic features. Especially when viewed from the sides and from the rear, you can see the powerful posture of a purebred sports car.



The bmw i8 has an unmistakable look with its aerodynamic body. The design of the rear lights, which also works as a channel for the air flow, is very provoking.



The passenger compartment of the BMW i8 is made out of carbon fiber composite materials. While the carbon fiber composite with high durability compensates the extra weight gained from the electric batteries due to its light weight, it also contributes to a faster acceleration and to create a much more efficient car.



BMW i8



The first detail on the front which indicates that we are driving a BMW is the double-kidney grille. However, do not look at what we call a grille as a standard grill, because instead of an open area, it has a monolithic design. Air grids are actually embedded in the front hood rather than being used with the kidney design. Furthermore, you can not see what’s under the front hood because users are not advised to open the front hood. But let us say that an electric motor is located under the unopened front bonnet. We’re sorry if you’re dreaming of seeing an imposing engine on the back, beneath the glass cover. Because instead, there is a small luggage area where you can only put small bags in. However, you should not expect anything more.



BMW i8



One of the most noteworthy elements in the BMW i8 design is the doors opening like scissors. Scissors-like doors support the sporty look of the BMW i8 while at the same time make the car more functional by allowing the doors to be opened even in narrow spaces. The doors made of aluminum, carbon and thermoplastics are much lighter than the conventional doors. Even a small child can easily close and open the doors. The number of those who say BMW designers are “inspired” by other brands for scissors-like opening doors is not uncommon. However, it is useful to note that doors opened in the form of scissors are not designed to look just airy. In fact, this is a bit of a design deadlock, because the doors of the i8 are too long. The doors are designed to open upwards, because a conventional door of this length would be much harder to open and close in general.





BMW i8





When we look at the interior design of the BMW i8, we see that the innovative design line that is influencing the exterior design continues in the interior as well. LED lighting surrounding the interior, electric blue safety belts, 2 large displays, head-up display, touch sensitive iDrive button and sporty seats are among the most noticeable details in the interior design. The seats offer comfortable seating positions, but achieving this comfort is not easy. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of the BMW i8 is the difficulty of getting in and out. So that, after a while, you develop your own style by getting in and out of the car. It is a struggle to understand. Instead of going up and down, you literally enter and exit the i8. However, the majority prefers to turn first to the side in order to sit.



Frankly speaking, it is hard for a women with skirts or a person weighting above the average to get in and out of the BMW i8.



Even though there are four seats in the vehicle, the knee range for the rear seats are more ideal for small children or simply to put your luggages. It’s almost impossible to sit on the back seat located on the back the driver. Of course, in a car like the BMW i8, you should not wait for the comfort of family cars for the back passengers. In summary; we can say that the provocative effect of the exterior design of the BMW i8 is lost with the interior design.





BMW i8



Impressive Performance


BMW i8, which can reach from 0 to 100 km ( 0 -6 0mph ) in 4.4 seconds provides 3 modes including Comfort, Eco Pro and Sport. In addition; with the use of eDrive mode, the i8 goes completely into the electric driving mode where you can reach up to 120 kilometers per hour ( 75 mph ) with only using electric. In cases where eDrive mode is not used, when the speed reaches to 65 km/h ( 40 mph ), the regular petrol engine is activated.



BMW i8



The BMW i8 has only an electric range of 37 kilometers ( 23 miles ) when fully powered. With an aggressive driving or air-conditioning being used, it’s almost impossible to see these values. Now, let’s talk about the most impressive part; with the BMW i8, you completely feel the power of a burned engine and an electric motor.



From the movement you enter to the Sport Mode, the dials on the screen facing you turns to red.



When the BMW i8 is fully electric, the power comes only from the front axle. In hybrid mode, the 3-cylinder petrol engine, located on the rear axle, as well as the electric motor, located on the front axle, deliver power to all four wheels. In this case, the BMW i8 can reach up to 250 kilometers per hour ( 155 mph ) with the advantages of a four-wheel driving system. Not to mention the engine sound. A 1.5-liter 3-cylinder engine will surprise you with this unforgettable voice. Because, the thing is that this sound comes from the loudspeakers that emulate a roaring of a purebred sports car. It is almost impossible to realize that this sound, synchronized with the true noise of the engine, comes from a speaker. The loudspeaker, which is not visible from the outside is positioned in the rear left exhaust which is not an exhaust, in fact. There’s also a speaker on the front right. However, the front loudspeaker makes a loud warning ( instead of an engine sound ) for the pedestrians to warn them that the vehicle is approaching them. This sound can be turned off, but the silence mode for the i8, which can be used in the electric mode, is definitely not recommended because it will be too dangerous for the pedestrians.





BMW i8



Remote Control



Thanks to the integrated SIM card, it is possible to remotely manage the i8, which is connected to the internet all the time. When you purchase the car, the vehicle already comes with a built-in SIM card, and you are not asked to pay any additional or monthly bills. Using the BMW i Remote application, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, you can remotely view the status of the i8, turn on the headlights remotely, open or lock the doors, or even activate your horn. At the same time, it is possible to operate the i8’s air conditioner remotely with the BMW i Remote application. With this feature, you can heat the i8 during the cold winter days, or cool the car in the summer heat. It is a great comfort to be able to control the air conditioner remotely. Let’s also create a parenthesis here; Air conditioning controls allow the conditioner to be opened with the settings it was left with.



You can’t remotely select how warm you want your car to be, but at least, you can turn the air conditioning on with the last settings you chose.



In addition to the BMW i Remote application, i8 can also earn additional abilities with the BMW Connected applications. It is possible to add your Twitter account via BMW Connected, follow the flow or tweet. Likewise, with the RSS reader feature, you can read news from any source you want. Under BMW Connected, you will also find an internet radio, Wikipedia and a calendar application.



BMW i8



The i8 comes with a highly sophisticated navigation system that displays real-time traffic intensity data using its own maps. Thanks to the iDrive button, which has a touchable surface, the user is able to select the letters one by one. You can easily write the address you want to go quickly by using the touchpad.



BMW i8



There are four cameras in total in the i8: one under the front, one on the rear and two under the each side mirror. These cameras can slow down the vehicle speed with automatic braking when an obstacle or pedestrian is detected. The cameras save lives at the same time in the parking spots. You can view the front and back separately, or you can see the all surroundings of the car by viewing the car from the up. In the mode, the all four cameras combine the images they have recorded and in a virtually 3D virtual world, show the car from the outside.



When you pair the BMW i8 with your smartphone, your multimedia enjoyment is enriched. While listening to music on your phone through apps like Apple Music, Spotify or Tidal, album covers can also be displayed on the vehicle’s center screen.



BMW i8



Among the i8 displays, perhaps the most striking is the head-up display. This information display,  reflected to the front glass, gives excellent results in all kinds of light conditions. Through the head-up display, you can view a variety of information such as your current speed or the navigation directions. It is also possible to switch off the head-up display if desired. However, we are not going to shut down this screen, which gives you the experience of augmented reality.





BMW i8



Electric Car Experience



It is possible to charge the BMW i8 from any outlet in your home or garage. In about 2 hours, the vehicle’s battery capacity can reach to 80%. If you want faster charging, you need to have one of the charging units called wallbox. You can also charge the i8 at an approved charging station. However, it is useful to underline; If you’re using an i8, one of the last things you’ll want to do is to charge your car by plugging the car to an outlet. Because of the combustion engine, you can charge the i8 while on the move. When you apply to the brakes, the car recharges its batteries, but don’t expect your battery to be fully charged in a single day by only applying the brakes.



Another notable feature of the BMW i8 is the fact that it provides a fuel consumption similar to ordinary family cars even with the Sport mode activated. In addition, the i8 has the advantage of not so high tax and insurance with its 1.5-liter engine. But let us say without forgetting; All these things we have access to, there is a price of approximately $145,000 .



To put it another way: For those who want to experience the soul of a pure sports car, we can recommend the BMW i8, which is always on top of curious eyes. However, when it comes to the electric car experience, there is always something missing in the i8.



BMW i8



Technicial Specifications



Average consumption

2.1 l / 100 km

Range with electric motor

37 km

Lithium ion battery capacity

7.1 kWsa

Battery charge time 3.7 kW / 12 A (80%)

2.1 hours

System output power

266 (362) Kw (bg)

Electric motor: Power output

96 kW

Electric motor: Maximum torque

250 Nm

Internal combustion engine: Volume

1.499 ccm

Maximum speed with electric motor

120 km / h

Maximum speed

250 km / h

0-100 km / h acceleration

4.4 seconds

Front tire (standard equipment)

195/50 R20 93W XL

Rear tire (standard equipment)

215/45 R20 95W XL

Weight without load

1.485 kg





Starts from $140,700, but the model we reviewed costs $155,944



Why / Why not?



Why: The provocative design, high technology, efficiency, tax  advantages

Why not: Difficulty in entering and leaving, electric motor range, interior design

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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