Honda Civic

Honda announced new Civic

Honda performed the introduction of the tenth generation Civic in an event in Los Angelas. The sedan has a different look than the previous Civic, 5 cm wider than its predecessor and has 3 cm longer axle.


Honda Civic


As far as its design is concerned, there are spoilers with bulging fenders, LED headlights and side mirrors and fine design on the car that carries traces of the Civic Coupe announced at the beginning of this year. Designed to be a more efficient car with improvements, the new Civic’s body is 30 kilograms lighter than its predecessor.



It is stated that the new model will be presented to the likes of automobile enthusiasts with two different engine options. The American version of the car includes 1.5 liter and 2 liter displacement engines. It is stated that the model with 1.5 liter capacity can produce 173 horsepower and the model with 2 liter capacity can produce 158 horsepower. The model with both engine options comes with 6-speed manual and automatic gearbox (CVT) options.


Honda Civic


The 7-inch touch screen in the car’s main console will also support Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto systems. The selling prices of the car is starting at $18,740.


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