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HTC Vive VR | Review & Setup

HTC Vive

HTC Vive VR | Review & Setup

The virtual reality device HTC Vive, which emerges from the HTC and Valve business alliance, brings the virtual reality experience to a whole new level with the title of motion sensors, two game controllers and futurism-looking headset.



Virtual reality has been in the gaming industry for a long time. The tests we did with mobile-compatible virtual reality glasses that intervened while waiting for the promising powerful devices were fun, but unfortunately we were not 100 percent unsatisfactory. In addition to the assertive Oculus Rift, which has taken Facebook to its back, and HTC Vive, there are plenty of mobile VR headsets. However, when HTC Vive appears in full glory as an office, we can finally say that we are beginning to swim in the deep waters of virtual reality. Explaining this experience is not equivalent to living, but if you are considering buying such a device, let’s see what it has to offer before you come.





When we say that HTC Vive is in the office with all its glory, we are not exaggerating at all. Because the device comes with a giant box. When you open the box, you will see a giant virtual reality goggle with two gauges and two motion sensors. Unfortunately, HTC Vive is not just about plug-and-play devices. You need to perform an installation first. But before the installation, let’s talk a bit about the design. First of all, HTC Vive has a very big and pretty rough design. The reason for the indentations on the top is of course not to give the device a futuristic feel. Such a design has to be preferred because of the motion sensors reading the movements with the laser system. The same motion sensors are also available on the remote. Besides that, the HTC Vive title is quite heavy. After a while, it presses on your nose and it hurts.
The biggest design flaw of the HTC Vive head is the cabling. There are three cables to provide a computer connection, and a cable for headphone input. Unlike the opponent Oculus Rift, Vive does not include headphones in its design. The HTC Vive has one earbud in the case, but we recommend a headset that can deliver high performance for an effective gaming experience. The lenses in the HTC Vive heading offer 1080 × 1200 pixel resolution for each eye. 90 Hz refresh rate and 110 degree viewing angle are among the other technical details. However, we must admit that we have found the design of HTC Vive’s controls to be quite successful. There are two keys on the top and a trackpad that can be pressed, with a trigger on the back and a button on each side. We can say that it is quite easy to use and control during the game. Also, the controls are the only part of this system that works with charge. Motion detectors have a very simple and elegant design. Since you will leave the devices stationary in the room where you installed them, you will not have to worry about the design. When we look at it in general, it is unlikely that the design is stylish for the HTC Vive, but eventually, VR is all about the experience you get.




HTC Vive
Although the installation of HTC Vive seems complex or challenging, it is actually quite simple. With simple and straightforward directions, it is possible to complete the installation required by Vive in as little as half an hour. First of all, you will use motion detectors and you need to position them so that they look at each side of the room. Another requirement is for the sensors to be about 2 meters high and slightly inclined. Motion detectors that you can install with a tripod can be installed on the wall as well, which seems like a more rational solution. Apart from that, the Vive heading will be connected to the computer by cable, so the powerful gaming computer has to be found in the room where you installed it. To experience HTC Vive on the move, you need at least 3 square meters of space. It is also useful to provide important information; Some games may need more space. At this point, the game warns the user by specifying the minimum space needed. However, don’t misunderstood the situation. Vive, in any case, offers a fixed point for games  just like its competitors, but you enjoy the game more when you don’t have to worry about hitting anything. Once you introduce the space to the system you will play in the room, then Vive becomes available to you.



Developed in partnership with HTC and Valve, Vive, we can say that the headset have a great archive of games. First of all, we do not know how much you are familiar with Valve’s game library Steam, but if you’ve used it before or not, you’ll be joining the Steam world with Vive. But let us explain for readers who are strangers to Steam; Steam Valve is a digital gaming library for PC. Here, you can buy games, create your own digital library, communicate with other people on the platform, and add your friends.
The SteamVR application, which works with both Vive and Oculus Rift, makes it possible to do all of those actions while the Vive is on your head and even allows you to run games with virtual reality goggles. There are already many games in the gaming library, but it is not possible to define them as countless contents or thousands of games. Game prices are currently between $20 or $30 maximum. Most of the games are not long at all and do not expect absolute entertainment from all of them. So, before you buy a game, it’s worth exploring. However, this area, which is in development stage, is quite clear. The features provided by the SteamVR application make it possible to use the service even when you are playing a game. For example, you can walk around in Steam without ever leaving the cast, send messages to your friends, even return to your desktop and perform actions there. The controls are very comfortable in this regard. Even typing on the keyboard is quite easy after a while. But the SteamVR application is still not very stable, and it needs a little more time.



We have experienced many FPS titles from the Steam. One of the games we enjoyed the most was The Brookhaven. The game of killing zombies in the middle of a forest was quite fun, though not as full of tension and fear as the first time you opened it as time passes. In The Job Simulator, which is a short but pleasant game in the same way, we have demonstrated our talents by working in different business fields. ZenBlade is also among the games we can definitely recommend. If you are wondering what Fruit Ninja will offer in virtual reality, you should definitely try ZenBlade. We recommend TheBlu to understand the impact of the VR experience not only in games but in interactive video. The Blu, consisting of three very short stories, awaits you with a wonderful visual feast in the depths of the ocean. Of course you should not miss Tilt Brush to reveal your skills in drawing and creativity.



As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the HTC Vive is a device that is “unexplained”. Once you start the game with the title, you can easily disconnect your contact with the real world. Especially if we think that more advanced content is on the way, we can say that Vive is a device that everyone may enjoy at home. The biggest advantage compared to its competitors is the possibility of being able to move during the game. But don’t be scared for it. When you set up HTC Vive, because you set the boundaries of the playing field, a vague wall appears and warns you if you get too close to the boundaries during the game. Thus, when you walk through the game, the possibility of hitting the wall is rising. However, it is useful to be careful when driving the controls to the left or right, because with the excitement of the games it is very likely for you to hit the surrounding objects.
The camera in front of the HTC Vive head is also your biggest support. The camera allows you to see within the headset. So you can easily identify who is in the room, or if you want to drink water during a tiring game session, you can easily get your water from the table. Though HTC Vive delivers a unique virtual reality experience, it does not mean it’s a perfect device. First of all, you look pretty funny when the glasses are on your head. So you can choose to play alone. Of course, if you are not afraid of thriller games. Also HTC Vive is a really tiring device. Because you are constantly standing and moving, you are making a serious effort. Even if your legs do not achy after a while, your arms are aching. We also felt a bit of eye pain during long-term use, but this may vary from user to user. I never had any nausea when I used the device. Vive’s motion detectors do not have such a problem because your movements synchronize the motion with the games almost without any delays. Of course, it may be different from sensitive users.



However, it is important to note that the cables are easily wandering around your feet, so sudden movements are a bit dangerous. Nevertheless, once you plug in HTC Vive, you will not want to unplug it, and even ordinary PC games will be exciting.



As a result, HTC Vive is a device that will definitely attract users. Even at the end of a short trial, you can even convince yourself to buy you. However, at this point there is a minor distress. Yes, HTC Vive offers content for everyone, but unfortunately not everyone can access it. This impressive experience of HTC Vive may burn your wallet. Even if you have purchased Vive, which costs 800 dollars, you can not even run it unless you have a powerful PC. Because HTC Vive needs a computer with a powerful configuration at the same time.
We performed the HTC Vive review with MSI’s VR Ready model. For now, before you buy HTC Vive, which only  supports PCs, you can check whether your computer will be able to hande Vive from HTC’s official site and look at the alternative computer models you can get. The long story is costly because of HTC Vive’s undercoat. However, the potential offered by existing and upcoming content is very high. With this price and system requirements, it’s hard to expect to have one in every house, but you can fully experience the technology that will overtake the entertainment industry in the near future with the HTC Vive.




Score | 9.6



  • Decent Motion detection sensors
  • Easy to use
  • Relatively large game options
  • Impressive experience


Why Not?

  • Annoying cables
  • Expensive
  • Heavy



Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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