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Instagram changed comments


Instagram changed comments

Social media has a place in such an environment that is to expanding each day. It is true that the concept of social media has become one of the most popular concepts of the last 5 years when both smartphones and the whole internet world are taken into consideration. It is also unquestionable that social media, which we have seen to be considered as a media item, have had so much influence with all this expansion.


Social media applications have a great share in the expansion of the concept of social media. One of the applications with the greatest contribution to social media is Instagram. The new Instagram Update, which has been published in a very short period of time, has recently begun to rise upwards and the application has started to increase its influence on social media in general after the new updates.



Included directly in the development policy that Facebook is embracing, Instagram has begun to increase its share of pie in social media by taking Snapchat features. Particularly another social media, and one of the rare applications that have caught success in recent years, the Instagram has gotten a new face with the addition of the Instagram Update along with the Snapchat story parts.
In the short term, while the agenda for the moment of new features and Instagram was still on the way, the CEO gave the first news about the new update on the blog page. The new update makes changes to the app’s algorithmic structure. Because the first change in the general use after the new update is shown to be related to the Hidden account section. The company will be able to use fully hidden accounts for users with new features announced by Instagram CEO, which is shown as the first mouth after the update.


With this feature, the user who has approved the follower before receiving the hidden account can now remove the account from the follower list as requested. It does not matter if the user follows the secret account before or after. From now on you will be able to list your followers directly from the list. Moreover, after the innovation work that changes the layout, users will no longer be notified when they leave the follow-up list.




As Instagram Updating, it has changed the use of Instagram quite a bit. Algorithm system is not completely changed, but the part to update is Instagram’s comment section. For the time being, the first comment on the first update was the comment response system. When the update goes live, you will now be able to respond instantaneously with just a few small operations. Under the comment, there will be answers section for this. You do not need to label the profile name of the user you want.



However, it should be noted that another commentary that changes after the Instagram Update is the barring feature. We know that the comment-hiding feature was released a long time ago. However, when the interpretive system was released, only a certain section was used. It is also explained that the blue label accounts given to famous people can use comment-free. But with the latest update, this limit is now removed. Now, the comment blocking system is activated for all users. As we said in general it was actually related to the update Instagram interpretation feature. The inclusion of the response system in the comments has not escaped the attention that the commentary barrier is now being activated for all users, while the other is added to the comment feature.



Is it behind this update to make Instagram’s commenting features more effective, or is there an effort to increase communication between users? It is not clear yet. However, although it is unclear why this feature is being published, it is now clear that the comments system will also be available with the Instagram Update. The details of the matter are not yet determined by Instagram.



Finally, note the future of an update that has been discussed for a long period of time with the Instagram Update. Instagram now has a new support system thanks to the team that it creates in its own context. Instagram does not take advantage of this feature elsewhere. Directly, Instagram’s own special team with the support system created by the operation of the user will work again.



The team and 24/7 employees will report to the accounts that they think they need support. The team will find recommendations for a psychological support to the users after understanding what kind of users are actually experiencing problems and by following their share. With Instagram Update, users who are experiencing serious problems with the future system will be directed to the experts.


As with all these aspects, the new Instagram Update will bring a lot of sound. However, if you want to know about the live broadcast feature that the company has not published for all regions yet, you can also check our article.


Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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