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The Last Guardian | Review

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian | Review

Let’s confess; We lost our belief that we could write this review after a point. Here we are talking about a game that started in 2007, given the release date for 2011. First and foremost, you are all welcome to the remastered game before you go to the market. If the name of the game was something else, it probably would have been forgotten at the end of time. Even when a Duke Nukem caliber made his debut after ten years of recreation, there was no trace of excitement in anyone’s mind. However, the business changed when it was the new work of the people who made the game, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. The enthusiasm we felt when we first saw it in 2009 has increased exponentially in the outbreak of anticipation in 2015. Look, we’re not talking about a game that only has a very long development process. We are talking about a game that was designed to be released to the PS3, which was ready. However, apparently it was not ready at all, then it decided to move to PS4 due to technical reasons, and basically, Fumito Ueda, lost in the project. That is, in short, it did not happen. Nevertheless, ICO and SotC were so legendary that we waited for The Last Guardian to be crazy in spite of all that. Result? Well, it was already obvious that there would not be a job at the level we were waiting for after this bad luck. But they are giving us a lot of feeling that we’ve longed for, the rest is a little detailed.



We need to talk a little bit about Shadow of the Colossus to know exactly what that feeling is and what to expect from this game. As those who played can remember; our character in the game wants to bring his lover back to life, so promises to kill every creature for this purpose. All of the creature designs are beautiful, and if we wanted to tell them what we did to kill them, the words would be incompetent. We are not even talking about the woman who caused me to do all these things. However, an interesting situation arose as people came to the end of the game and the reactions began to come. Nobody was hit by the woman we loved or those giant creatures we tried to kill. It was the relationship that developed during the journey between our character Wander and the horse Agro, who really caught people. This situation did not escape the attention of producer Ueda, and he decided to build the next game on this basis: friendship between a person and an animal! The Last Guardian came to life by sprouting from such a rare idea in the game world.


The Last Guardian


If you are not familiar with Ueda’s games, it can be a little difficult to guess what you will encounter. Because Ueda’s games are not pure games that have been forced into the player, games that are full of explosions and cracks. Here you have a sense of friendship, sharing, human emotions, self-sacrifice and journey. Ueda is a man who does not need cues to reflect his feelings, he is trying to reflect the intensity of the atmosphere by throwing the player into a unique world. The Last Guardian also manages to reflect the features of previous games as they are, and opens up the gates of a magical world you can not match in any other game.



The play tells the friendship of the giant creature Trico, which is a mixture of a child and several different animals. Of course this is not a friendship that is so easily achieved. There are two parties that do not know each other and do not even trust in the first time they meet. The best thing the game has done without any doubt is that it reflects the incredible beauty of friendship step by step. Remember, one of the parties is an animal in its essence, and how an animal you bring to your family is getting used to you over time, so Trico also needs a time like this. While you are timid and distant in the beginning, for example, as you share something, you need to come around and contact it. We will talk about a lot of things that the game is about to do. Trico, we can say the most successful animal beauty that has been reflected in a game so far.


But the greatest success of the game, the biggest sin at the same time … Trico is very realistic, that is, too realistic. An animal has almost every kind of mood you can expect. This includes the commandment and neglect. Trico has to help a lot of disabled people in order to move forward in the vote. You come to the place where you come back to a high point, you need to open the doors with hanging chains. But here it is necessary to guide Trico so that all of this can happen. He has to perform many actions such as coming to the point, lifting his head, shaking his tail, whining in the water. But sometimes it becomes such a thing that you can not listen to your work for a minute, animal. Some argue that this is “what is the real thing, what happens to the animal that does what it is,” but there is no realistic situation that will contribute to the pleasure of the game. If you think you are playing a soccer game, the electricity of the stadium is being cut off during the match. It does not have to be so realistic. Here is what Trico does not like about this place, it shows you how well a game can test your patience.


The Last Guardian


Unfortunately, there are much bigger problems with latino games. Although the game was later adapted to the PS4, the age is very clear. If The Last Guardian had been out five years before, nobody would have been able to quarrel. There is no problem in the art of designing your work, the designs are really breathtaking. But in the technical part of the game the game is stumbling. Hele does not have that camera line, he’s out of the house. We can easily say that this is the most unsuccessful camera controls we have seen in recent years. It’s very obvious that only the graphical details go through when you play a game that is designed for PS3 on the PS3. There are camera problems that make this pre-2010 period feel like this. For instance, there are moments in the big screen where you can see nothing but Trico’s hair. At such a time when the PS4 Pro is out, these technical flaws are even more visible. However, when you get the technical part of the work, an artistic masterpiece at the back welcomes us. Is it a beauty worth touching because it does not see the problem? In spades!



The trilogy that Ueda creates with spiritual follow-up games ends with The Last Guardian. We can say that even though he has many problems naturally following so many beliefs in his head, he has all the qualities that would please those who liked ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. If you are squeezed out of a dozen copies of each other’s copy, The Last Guardian will be able to breathe nicely for you. Try to love him with flaws, just as you would love Trico.




  • genDESIGN-Sony Interactive Entertainment


  • PS4


  • $79.99



Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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