Masonary G-Series

Mansory G-Series | Photos

German firm Mansory will once again mention its name with the modifications that Mercedes has applied to the iconic G-Class.


Masonary G-Series


Mansory offers a visual feast with the Body kit, which can be used in G350, G500, G63 and G65 models; Parts such as Fender mouths, rear view mirrors and spare tire compartment are made out of carbon fiber and included in the price tag of 18,900 €, although this price does not include the carbon fiber hood and pan.



The German firm, which used 23-inch rims from the 21-inches to 23-inches for the G-Class with a total of 20 mm expanding body parts, preferred the giant tires of size 305/35 R23 in the G-Class.



For now, only the performance package for the G63 has been announced, the Mansory has increased the power of its 5.5-liter V8 dual-turbo engine from 563 HP to 840 HP, while its maximum torque has increased from 760 Nm to 1150 Nm.


Masonary G-Series


With this increase in power, it is stated that the acceleration of standard G63 from 5.4 sec to 0-100 km / h and the maximum speed of 210 km / h have been developed in a serious manner.

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