Mercedes Digital Light

Mercedes Digital Light is here

Mercedes transforms the lighting system into a driver assistant with its intelligent differential technology that will introduced in the new generation of models. This technology is called as “Mercedes Digital Light”


Mercedes Digital Light


The german company continues to set new standards in the automobile industry with the technologies it has developed. The latest project developed by the German giant brings a whole new ability to the lights of the models coming in the forthcoming period. Signage and signs, which are part of the road, will be reflected to the driver through the lights, which is powered by the lighting technology of Mercedes, “Digital Light”.



The system, in which the cameras and radars are blended together with the algorithm developed by Mercedes, is made up of 8192 LEDs per vehicle. Sensor and camera systems that are integrated with the software reflect the way around the signs on the road, the alternative road lines parallel to the obstacles encountered and possible road icings through the lights. Along with Mercedes’ technology, driver-focused electrical systems are now being added to the vehicles.

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