Mercedes E-Class All Terrain

Mercedes’ new E-Class All Terrain

Mercedes’ next generation E Class All Terrain model is now official.  


The E-Class All Terrain, Mercedes’ luxury station model, will be among the most challenging competition. In the days we passed with Audi’s All Road models, Volvo said that they would be in this class as well by adding the V90 to the Cross Country family. As we mentioned earlier, the E-Class All Terrain was coming to compete with them.  


Mercedes E-Class All Terrain


Like the other models in this segment, the E-Class is equipped with the ability to overcome mildly off-road conditions. Containing station lines on the exterior design, All Terrain has the mechanics of the infrastructure used in Mercedes’ SUV models. In the All Terrain model, front and rear chrome details added to the vehicle from a family car design. Another element that adds this air is the rims. The 19 and 20 inch wheel options that will be offered as an option to the user within the vehicle give the model “air” of size. The special suspension system used in All Terrain and large tires are positioned 2.8 cm higher than the standard E-Class.  


Mercedes E-Class All Terrain


As in other models, this model also has the option to select different driving modes. In addition to Economy, Comfort and Sports modes in standard models, there is an extra driving mode that distinguishes the vehicle from others. It is the All-Terrain mode, which is also used in the brand’s SUV, the GLE, for which the model is named. When you switch to this mode, the car’s identity and driving experience change completely. In the All-Terrain mode, the traction control system and the suspension character take on a different identity, as well as a height increase of 2 cm. In a nutshell, the driver sends the automobile message of “a little bit of excitement”.




Let’s lift the hood of the Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain, and we will see that Mercedes has a 4-cylinder-2.0-liter turbo diesel engine at 194 horsepower. One of the most important figures in this vehicle is torque. Integrating into the Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain, this engine offers a 400-nm power user control. There is a 9-speed G-Tronic gearbox in the car with 4-shot system. Mercedes has been informed that the V6 diesel engine option will be available in the E-Class All-Terrain in the coming days. There is no information yet related to the price of the Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain. E-Class All-Terrain will be sold in the first quarter of 2017.

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