Porsche Panamera Exclusive

New Porsche Panamera Exclusive!

Within the ( EP Program in brief  ) exclusive personalization program of Porsche, the Panamera Turbo, which faces the users with a special color option, is a collection value for lucky users.


Porsche Panamera Exclusive


The Panamera model, which Porsche started to offer to users since 2009 and quickly became the focus of attention, came out with the most up to date form last month. According to the generation that has taken its place since its introduction, the 2017 model Panamera which started to draw attention of the users in a short time, has found itself in a special collection including Cayman, Cayenne, Macan, 718 and 911 with the color option specially designed by Porsche Exclusive team.



The Porsche team in central Stuttgart has actually been bringing these special versions to users since the 30’s. Under the Sonderwunschprogramm (special request program), which we can also call as a kind of personalization program, users can choose the equipment of their vehicles, including color and flooring options. We see that a user who bought a Porsche 356 at the beginning of the ’50s under the Porsche Exclusive name program, when it was the first time it was offered, he made a request to coat the outside of the vehicle with fur. “You imagine, we will do it for the money”; A very reasonable deal.


Porsche Panamera Exclusive
2017 Porsche Panamera Turbo is the newest member of this program. Equipped with the highest level of personalization options offered by Porsche today, the project features bright red color and sport rims in 21-inch size on the outside. When we enter inside, the red which is preferred as the dominant color outside is used in the key of the clock and the vehicle including the console. In the case of leather-covered details of the laying foot of the plant brought to the factory by hand workmanship, customization can be made with users alcantara, more intense wood or aluminum details.



In the past, users who wanted to get this service had to go to the point in Zuffenhausen or Leipzig, and Porsche announced that they were offering them in Atlanta and Los Angeles. From the confiture section on Porsche’s official site, users can choose the features they prefer. From $ 161,050, the Panamera Turbo is able to add a color design for $ 3,300 and a $ 6,075 sport design package.

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