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Most Searched Cars ( 2016 )

Mercedes C-Class

Most Searched Cars ( 2016 )

We access every kind of information we want to reach from our favorite movies, our favorite books, our favorite games via Google. Billions of users of the Internet are entering Google every day and reaching the information they need. Well, what were the car makers that people searched the most through Google this year?  

  At Detroit, Geneva, Paris, Torino and other prestigious car fairs like this every year, as we have seen this year, we witnessed the introduction of new cars to celebrate. It was also a year when brands as well as engine technologies were at the forefront of design battles. Manufacturers who compete with one another to attract the interest of users with beautiful and remarkable designs will soon begin to receive the results of their work. By 2016, it is possible to see the brands that have the most influence on the users with their designs and new features on the list of most searched brands.  

  Honda Civic  


  At the head of the list, Honda made a major breakthrough this year with the Civic Type R prototype. According to the data, Honda’s most sought-after model was the new Civic.  

  Mercedes C-Class  


  It was one of the liveliest years for Mercedes-Benz as they found themselves in the second place after Honda. Alongside with the Generation EQ, this year’s most sought-after model was the new C300.  

  Tesla Model 3  


  Tesla, the electric Zeus of today’s cars, continues to build the milestones with sure steps. The most searched car of Tesla, which we expect to see much more active in the coming years in terms of range improvements and charging stations as well as the autopilot system, was the Model 3, which stands out with its most sought-after car prices and features this year.  

  Lamborghini Aventador S  


  Lamborghini, one of the exotic producers on the list, continues to blend original designs and brand genius with cutting-edge technology. Lamborghini is the fourth most popular producer of our list, with the 2017 Aventador S announced in the past week.  

  Volvo XC90  


  The rebellious and powerful child of our list found himself on the most sought-after list of the year with Thor’s charm. Volvo’s most popular model, which sets class standards with safety technologies as well as designs, is the new XC90.  

  Ford Focus  


Ford, one of the world’s best-selling automobiles, ranks sixth in this year’s most sought-after list. It was Focus, the most popular and highly sought-after model of Ford in 2016, which recently faced users with the new fiesta.

  Jaguar XF  


  In the last four of our list, there are luxury brands. First among them is Jaguar. The most popular model of the year was Jaguar’s XF.  

  Bentley Bentayga  


  One of the best representatives in the luxury segment of the growing popularity of crossover and SUV models was Bentayga. Bentayga is the most sought-after model of Bentley, who finds itself on the list at the eighth place.  

  Maserati Levante  


  Maserati, one of the brands that combines performance with Italian design, may not have a lot of model options, but that does not mean that this brand will not be listed. The most sought-after model of the brand this year was the Levante SUV.  

  Rolls Royce Phantom  


  Rolls-Royce, perhaps the most luxurious manufacturer on the list, once again proves the interest of people in luxury cars when they find themselves in the tenth ordinary place. Phantom was the most searched model in Google in 2016.

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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