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Sony PS4 Pro | Review

Sony PS4 Pro

Sony PS4 Pro | Review

Sony PS4 was a massive success. It looked beautiful, but at the same time, it was very capable. However, Sony has a  new console, sort of. It is called as PS4 Pro


If we brought performance, content, and customer satisfaction criteria together one month ago, the best game console on the market for these categories would be PS4. Despite the success of the PS4, Sony chose to renew it and they introduced the Pro version, showing that PS4 could be even better.


Frankly speaking, we have exceeded a critical curve with gaming consoles. Every game console that has been released to date has a life span of about six years, but it has been only three years since the PS4. There is a clear and basic reason for this; PC market is getting bigger and bigger as we speak. Game consoles are designed accordingly for the purpose of delivering high performance at affordable prices, and the generation changes when the average PC configurations start to exceed this performance. Nowadays, the PC makers increase the average power of their products so quickly that the consoles can not stand against this power with fixed constructions. So much so that even though PS4 Pro is released recently, it is still possible to capture a much stronger PC today. That’s why the console industry in general is different than the conditions few years ago.



Anyway, the PS4 Pro, as a design, keeps the eye-catching look of the standard PS4 and even takes it up a bit further. The device, which needs a larger area to achieve its intended high performance, has to increase its volume and weight according to the standard version. Unlike the PS4, which has a size of 275x 305 x 53 mm, Pro comes in a size of 295 x 327 x 55 mm. Because of these differences, it is naturally heavier half a kilo at 3.3 kg ( more than 7 pounds ). In short, you can have a lot of trouble opening up space on the field for the PS4 Pro. In terms of aesthetics, the new console comes with changes. With the PS4 Pro, the brilliant surface that captured the half of the design was abandoned, and now, it provides a completely matte visual. Although such cosmetic details do not make much sense in a game console, let’s also say that user-friendly changes have been made. As you stand on top of the standard version, power button and disc eject button are saved at the same time by being positioned at two different positions horizontally with Pro. With PS4 Pro, Sony decided to use physical power button and disc eject button, which were touch sensitive on the regular model. Besides, those two buttons are no longer placed near each other.


Even though it is neither aesthetically as beautiful and sophisticated nor as small as the regular model , new design is more efficient.


The new DualShock 4, at first glance, does not look exactly the same as its predecessor, but it has also received some small touches. For example, all keys and control sticks on the control panel are gray instead of black. Since the overall design of the controller is already black with a dominant color, this change has created a nice contrast and looks nice. In a way that we do not understand why, the colored light behind the control is also made to be appear slightly from the touch area in the middle.


Sony PS4 Pro


We understand that the controller is a feature added to make it easier for us to see which player has the settings at the time, but trying to find a solution to one of the simplest actions in the world, such as holding and turning the device, seems like a little unnecessary workload. The biggest handicap that the DualShock 4 has in terms of design was that it was easy to disrupt the coatings of the control rods after a certain period of use. If we do not have the opportunity to use it for a long time, we do not know if it can be avoided in the new controller, but hopefully Sony spent half of the excitement ( shown for us to see the light comfortably ) to make the controller more durable.


Now, let’s talk about its performance features which caused the device to compromise from the design. First of all, we must clearly state that the PS4 Pro is not a next generation console. The console, which came out 3 years ago, is just a little reinforced state. You can clearly see it because there is no “Pro” name on the console at all, because basically it’s still a PS4. The main difference is that it has a more capable processor and graphics processing power. Despite using an 8-core AMD Jaguar processor like the standard PS4, the 1.6 GHz frequency is boosted to 2.1 GHz. This performance increase achieved by overclocking does not change the world, but there is a much more serious breakthrough on the GPU side. The AMD Radeon graphics processor with 1.84 TFLOP has increased its power to 4.2 TFLOP. Well, it’s very nice, but what is this Teraflop? Roughly speaking, at the second we can define it as a value that measures the number of polygons shown on the screen. Flop is a phrase that reflects this and Teraflop is a trillion elevated version of it. So when we say 4.2 TFLOP, we need to understand that the PS4 Pro is graphically very good.


Of course, all this power will be taken from somewhere. The console is already burning your wallet with the price it has, and the power consumption is almost doubled (310 watts) to the standard version. This means that every month your electricity bill will increase a bit more as you switch to Pro. Is it worth it? So if you have a PS4, does that mean Pro will give you twice as much performance? There is no clear answer to this one time. But when we descend, perhaps we can come close to reaching a conclusion.


The biggest trick of the PS4 Pro is 4K. However, keep in mind, providing 4K gameplay depends on the game studios.


But “Do you have what you need right now?” is the question you need to answer. Because if you do not have a TV that supports 4K resolution and you do not seem to have it in the near future if you consider the known prices, then this feature does not make sense for you at the moment. The power boost, which the console has, does not really represent a true 4K resolution either. In many cases, you have to sacrifice image frame performance when you turn on 4K resolution. That’s why the games asks you: “Do you want to play at 4K but with 30 FPS or at 1080p but with 60 FPS?” So there is an extra power available, but you have to decide whether this power will go into the resolution or to the FPS value.



Let’s focus on the actual performance processes that will concern most of us. Many of us will continue to play PS4 on televisions that support 1080p for a long time, and the performance of this device is much more valuable in this case. When you decide to play at 1080p, you have a significant amount of extra performance left in hand and you can feel the real quality difference in the games that use it correctly. Almost every game can reach to 60 FPS, and beyond that, you can also have in-game graphical improvements. The far objects are clearer and the loading times can be shorter. But what should not be forgotten here is that what you get in the vote is in the hands of the producer company. As of now, many games have released patches for PS4 Pro, but only a few of them have chosen to reflect the remaining power graphics improvements for 1080p display settings.


The most important and noteworthy feature that has come across all this is the actual HDR. The HDR feature, which allows you to create all the colors in the game from scratch, plays a more effective role than almost anything we consider above when you fall in love with graphics. However, this does not constitute a critical part of the review because the standard PS4 also comes with HDR. The PS4 Pro, which you can have for $400, is a reasonable choice for those who plan to buy a new console. But it does not offer enough any clear advantage for existing PS4 users.


Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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