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Star Wars Rogue One | Review

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Star Wars Rogue One | Review

We watched the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and this is our review. However, attention! In this review, there are spoilers. If you haven’t watched the movie, we don’t recommend to read it, or you can wait a little bit longer for our spoiler free review.


“Death Star was an inside job”


In English, there is nice expression as “being inside job.” It’s used to talk about a job being done from the inside. On the internet, there is a popular theory about the famous weak point in Death Star. The weak point of Death Star is now a logical explanation. Galen Erso’s revenge really gets Luke Skywalker.



Now let’s talk about the movie


There is no writing at the beginning of the film. I could not decide whether it was a deficiency, a good or a bad one; Because they thought that this film had to be different as it would simply be an “intermediate film”. I can not say that I was surprised with this fact because I knew it before the film, but … it’s not that I do not feel a little space. The reason is basically the scrolling writings at the opening scenes in the Star Wars movies and games, even in the Star Wars games that tell the story in the corner at the far end, made those true Star Wars stories. Besides, it was the signature of Star Wars. This is entirely the result of this.


I really like the film’ opening though. We’ve already watched a player like Mads Mikkelsen. Little Jyn even played. Of course, his mother was there, even though she was going to die, it was a little different, but in such a situation it is possible to understand that she can not think well.


After that, we saw Rogue One's writing and the movie started ...


The film was very good in preparing the first half events. There was a small submission to Chapter IV everywhere. (It will be with you separately, you just need to watch the movie again)


I jump to the part that I like the most direct: I learned that the people may also have a dark face. Captain Andor’s friend who was “unable to walk” even showed a “throw a hand”. The effort to show things such as the darkness that had lasted for 18-19 years and the good people could do bad things was well done. The Rogue One team has not been set up in the wrong way, nor is it trustworthy, nor completely honest with each other. We were able to see how the terrorists came out of the people. Just to fight against the Empire is not enough to be good …



In the Legends of Star Wars, and in Canon (especially in the novels), we can find quite anecdotes. We saw so many stories that the blur between the good and the bad was more blurred, the blood of the candle (understand the blood) and the brutality. Many people had found the Star Wars spirit they were looking for. It was not the kind of stories that every child could read and enjoy. The chief characters are not safe, even the galaxy itself is never safe. In Chapter VII: Force Awakens, we did not find this exactly. We liked the movie, but Rogue One is very different, we could see it in the first half.


Maybe we could say that the first half was better than the Force Awakens.


Of course this is a slightly exaggerated comment, because there is also the second half of the film in the business. I do not think it’s too much to criticize the second half. I only wish Gareth Edwards had directed more Star Wars movies, more work was entrusted to him. The second half was so well done that everyone who knew little about Star Wars and knew so much was out of the movie and asked, “huh, did the movie look pretty good to me?”


It’s not like there’s a house in us, though. It was our formation that this team would never see together again. Many people were waiting for Jyn Erso as a “second Katniss Everdeen”. Cassian Andor would be like a “Kyle Katarn / Han Solo” flash. Expectations and apparent criticism were in this direction. But we saw that it was quite different. Especially Captain Andor. I like it to be such a different character. Since Felicity Jones portrays Jyn Erso, I can not make an objective statement, so I jump it.



The wonderful droid called K2 conquered our hearts. The jokes in the movie were in place and the droids really made us laugh. They were not acting or forced. That’s why I like it.


We wanted to see more of the other characters’ stories. Pilot Bodhi or our monk brother. Of course, Chirrut was one of the points that could be criticized in the film. Because for the first time, there’s a guy with a twinkling eye in Star Wars and he is was killing many people. Stereotype was there, but… Still beautiful.


I want to mention the space war.


We have seen how the Empire flickered when a Mon Calamari and a Hammerhead Corvette merged together. We saw familiar faces. Red Squadron joined into the business. They even showed Red Five’s death.


The war is quite independent. I particularly like it. The attraction of the war and the fiction were great. So seriously, could a battlefield be so beautiful? The war on the surface of Ki Scarif was also so decent. Yes, we knew that the plans will be stolen, Leia will go to hand, events will come until the Battle of Yavin. We are well aware of this, but why is it that war we have watched has a greater excitement than the Force Awakens? I guess we can tie this to the whole team’s success.


We had been predicting that the entire Rogue One team would die before the film entered. However, seeing all of them falling one by one, ruined me.


Long story short …


I loved Rogue One. I really loved it. As a personal opinion, clearly the prequel was much better than the movies and it seemed that we had a shortage in it. Actually, with the quality of the shooting, with the CGI, I really liked the film with Tarkin, who lifted the man from the grave.


Of course, not to mention the Dark Lord, Darth Vader. Your lord had three scenes and all three were beautiful. Especially the last scene … Who did not pass by himself? The Dark Lords of the Sith were already in the book. First a darkness, then a deep breath of breath and a beam of light … The scary image of Darth Vader right after. We wrote another word about how Darth Vader was a bad man. That’s exactly what we are proud of seeing again in the cinema! It’s not a children’s film, because Darth Vader hunted out how many good guys he was, and just because he had to be stolen in the sequel, the Master kidnapped him.


As a good friend says: I find Darth Vader’s weak spot until I find the weak point of Death Star … because I think there is a man, twenty people, you shoot at him with laser guns, he is not dead and you are dying. Certainly your weakness needs to be investigated.


As a result, we liked the movie! I hope the next films will leave this taste in our mouths.


Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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