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Westworld Season 1 Episode 1 | Review

Westworld ford

Westworld Season 1 Episode 1 | Review

What do you think when 3D printers, robot technology and artificial intelligence are combined with the advanced technologies? Technology buffs are looking for the answer to this problem in the first season of Westworld.

It does not make much sense to use the wild west and high technology twin in the same rhetoric, but Westworld has two different concepts that work on the same pace so that we simply take off our hats, leave our revolver on the table and enjoy this technological universe. The 1973 science fiction – western film Westworld, of the same name, has not escaped from HBO. We followed the first episode of HBO’s new Game of Thrones, which we now deserve. Westworld, based on Michael Crichton’s 1973 film, J.J. Abrams, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have gone giant in their production. In the first part of an hour, we will cover the whole section of the sequence that fills up many events from the beginning to the end. But before we go into a detailed review of the series, let’s talk a little bit about it.


Westworld train


Westworld proves that it is a series of many different perspectives from the first part. To address the general issue; Westworld is an amusement park featuring robots with advanced artificial intelligence. Are you too late to experience the Wild West experience? No problem. If you have enough money, Westworld offers you this experience at the top. With hundreds of characters and many different scenarios, Westworld is ready to announce.


In the Westworld, which is eventually an interactive entertainment park, "guests" choose the  scenarios by themselves.


If you want, you can put the gold in the town, you can just sit in the hall of the town and have a drink. The feature that differentiates Westworld from any amusement park is that it has a built in Android that can not be distinguished from the real human by its advanced artificial intelligence.


Opening Sequence which is not Accessible


It is worth mentioning the opening sequence before going into the characters of the directory and deeper examination. The series, like Game of Thrones or Stranger Things, are famous for their “untouchable” opening sequences. One of these openings, which is acclaimed by the audience, comes from Westworld. The latest technology 3D printers welcome us in the opening sequence of the series. These 3D printers, which process the human body in stitch loop, are also notified that the robot will meet us at the same time. But the position of this artificial intelligence is quite interesting: the wild west. After the opening of the first episode, we are shown with amazing first stage.


Westworld dolores


We Are Introduced with Dolores

In the first stage, the series is quite cold and has a creepy opening. A naked woman with yellow hair answers questions in a room where cold metallic colors dominate. The first question we hear is, “Have you ever questioned your reality?” Of course, it’s hard to tell from a real person, it’s not that difficult as the stage goes on, which means that this woman is an Android. One of the most important characters of the first episode and possibly the season is thus being introduced to the audience. Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) is a town girl living in Westworld who is unaware that she is an artificial intelligence and wakes up happily everyday. Dolores wakes up in the same day, though she has no idea about this. Speaking to his father on the porch, Dolores goes shopping with the same enthusiasm for a beautiful day. In the first episode, without further deeper the story, Dolores helps us understand what Westworld is like.



Westworld the man in black


“Man in Black”

There are some outlaws in the town where Dolores lived. The town’s sheriff is volunteering for one of these bandits. When Dolores reaches the town, he meets his loving Teddy, whom he has not seen for a long time. After a few happy hours Dolores and Teddy return home and see that a few bandits kill their mother and father at home. Hero Teddy kills the both rogues with his weapon, but the first point that he does not add up comes out: the visitors.


"Man in Black" ( Ed Harris ) is one of the first guests introduced to the audience and not only he is significant in order for us to understand the dynamics of the world, but it seems like his importance will increase with the next episodes.


Because the artificial intelligence is reset every night and resumed to the same day, the main people of the town do not remember the visitors. But the same can visit the town again and again. We understand that the Man in Black has been here many times before his obsessive entrance to Dolores when he is stuck in a game that is destined to lose artificial intelligence at this point. Another advantage that the town offers to visitors is that they can not get hurt, which comes into play here. If you can not see the damage of a certain line of sight, the town can wash the blood all over. Teddy finds out when he wakes up in the morning that he forgets the Black Man squeezing the birds together. The end of this information is making Teddy angry.


Westworld teddy
The interaction between the man in black, Dolores and Teddy, is reflected to the audience very strongly. The man in black, who stresses that artificial intelligence will always lose, raises Dolores after he killed Teddy. The artificial intelligence that is damaged in the simulation changes the cards on the table if it is almost human being “immortal”. The audience finds himself empathizing with an artificial intelligence. On the other hand, in the Westworld universe, the fact people actually being the robots and the robots being the humans makes us interested with the next episodes.


Especially at the scene of the murderous man, the fact that the guests are not going to be harmed as a result of human beings and will not be punished in the face of what they are doing, is a small point of view that is being taken in the change of morality.


Of course, this is not limited to a single scene. We are witnessing the characters in the following stages likewise enjoying “killing” or doing things that they would not do in the real world. Dolores, who wakes up with the same peace and happiness on a new day, shows us a new detail on the second day. The artificial intelligence story does not have to go the same way. Visitors can change the flow of events and this change is not limited to the artificial intelligence they are talking about. Chained events that occur when the spoken artificial intelligence speaks to a second artificial intelligence at that time are also affected. At this point we are not supposed to mention: the Creator.


Westworld ford


Meet the  DR. Robert Ford

The Westworld series, on the one hand, contains a huge God complex. The main programmers of the robots, Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) and colleague Elsie Hughes (Shannon Woodward) realize that the robots are developing some new gimmicks. Robots can make different mimics with a new code sequence which is added by way of the secret memories under consciousness. To put it more simply, robots react very closely to human reactions. Added to the new update by the founder of the park, Robert Ford, these mimics make artificial intelligence more perfect and convincing. At this point, Dr. Robert Ford has also taken the first step towards becoming our Victor Frankenstein or modern Prometheus. Played by Anthony Hopkins, the actor’s choice for Ford is less of a praise.


He is the best actor for someone playing the god with his cold looks, fluffy smile and slow but intense conversations.


In the first part, tension never goes down. Although there have been no errors since 30 years, one of the robots is experiencing a critical error. Bernard and the rest of the officers are landing at the plant instead of the chill creep. In this place, which is called as Level 83, the “retirement” robots are standing in the form of a human being standing up and waiting for their eyes open, so as not to be run. In this scene, Ford talks to a old robot named as Bill, while observing the robotic movements of the  Old Bill. We are witnessing a close interest in Ford’s creations.


Westworld sizemore
Park’s simulation writer, Lee Sizemore’s senior executive, Theresa Cullen, points out that this amusement park is not just for people’s satisfaction, it’s a bigger piece of painting. Dr. Cullen clearly reveals that Sizemore, who does not like Ford much, is not a good fictional writer who can see the future of the park and she tells us that he lacks the necessary “vision”. At this point, Sizemore, who has a great affection for himself and his business, his relationship with Ford and Cullen is also getting a little bright.



Watching new people produced by Ford’s advanced 3D printer also emphasizes the importance that the physician gives to the creative process. The answer to Bernard, who hesitates to explain that Ford’s new update is a critical mistake, explains the psychology of his doctor. He said that he should not hesitate to utter it when he is a mistake. It can also be seen that Ford put himself in God’s place.


Meanwhile, our the man in black in the simulation is aiming to see the next level of the park and is getting a wildly maze map. At this point we see that there are several levels hidden in the park and they can reach them if they want to watch it. Like surprises hidden in the game. The fact that the man in black can speak clearly of the artificial intelligence and the distinction that he is not a real person despite his appearance makes it more savage and more borderless in every scene. After a long period of time in the simulation, this character, who can not completely distinguish the difference and display any empathy or pity, travels through the world as the Terminator.


Westworld cullen


Existential Destruction

Of course, some of the updated robots start to get partially corrupted by various errors. The most striking of these is the “break” of Dolores’ father. Having found a photograph of the outside world in the simulation, the robot in some way questions the reality of its being, and this error arouses confidential information in the mind, including scenarios in the earlier programs. At the same time, the artificial intelligence, which is partly conscious, realizes that real people are created to satisfy their emotions in a vicious cycle.


The effect of damage created by living existential destruction becomes quite large.


His father, whispering something to Dolores’ ear, is opening doors to major events at Westworld. After these mistakes, many robots have to be recalled and corrected, but Sizemore is preparing a special episode because the story will have serious gaps. Sadly, without seeing the end of the “masterpiece”, someone is killing Sizemore’s show and killing the main character. Of course, remember to go there to have fun and do whatever they want. In the scene that follows, we see again that people in the simulation do not have any emotional constraints. The visitor who kills the character makes fun of him, even posing with a dead robot and taking pictures.


The pleasures that start with anger, ends with keenness

At this point we go to the part of the query we came across at the beginning of the index. Dr. Dolores’ father was questioning. The response from Ford, who questioned Dolores’ father, is the one that will make Mary Shelley’s eyes tick. Dolores’ father says he wants to talk to his creator. Observing the possibility that artificial intelligence has really gained consciousness. Ford’s excitement is understood by his smile on his face. Dolores’ father, who explains in the most poetic way that he will get revenge, is making quotes from Shakespeare. In the past, the character of the character in the simulation liked these kind of quotations. Ford explains the strange dialogue that he is living in, and the possibility that the robot has gained consciousness is now forgotten.


Dolores' father takes his place at level 83 with forgotten robots. Of course, after Bernard whispered something to him.


In the case of Dolores, we learn that the thing his father whispered to her ear was quote from Romeo and Juliet, saying, “The pleasures begin with violence, end violently.” Whether or not this replica’s father is the only thing that is critical to the series, it is still keeping its mystery for now. The next day, Dolores opens her eyes again in the town she loves. Happily, she goes out to the garden and talks to his father who has another body. Dolores, who puts a fly in his neck while looking away at the smile, is doing the actual surprise in the final. Dolores, a robot that should not even hurt a synth, kills him with her hands.



The first episode of Westworld lasts an hour and eight minutes, during which time the characters are slowly being introduced to the audience without haste. Besides the God complex, the array of moral dilemmas that can be experienced for artificial intelligence also suggests the possible consequences of the advent of technology. Reminiscent of many details, such as Stephen Hawking’s warning of people against the artificial intelligence, and Bill Gates’s statement that an advanced artificial intelligence poses a danger to humanity, the series gives a thriller on the one hand and a very strong network of science fiction. Of course, if it offers all this in the wild west, it adds to the taste. Westworld, which we think is a series that technology lovers will not want to miss, seems to connect with series enthusiasts with the elements of curiosity and curiosity. It sure affects us from the first part.



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