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Westworld Season 1 Episode 2 | Review

Westworld william

Westworld Season 1 Episode 2 | Review

Westworld, where science fiction and wild waters are solved in the same filter, deepens the story with the second part and opens doors to new questions.
After the first episode, we can easily say that Westworld will make a stamp in this season. As a matter of fact, in the second part, the series brings together many question marks. After leaving the first part with the existential destruction of the father of our beloved Dolores, we questioned whether his father had an effect on Dolores. In normal cases, Dolores or any other synth in the park shouldn’t even hurt a fly, but at the end of the first episode, Dolores killed it without even hesitating. When we received the answer to this question in the new chapter, there were many new questions in our mind.


New Guest


The second episode of the Westworld is welcoming us to a sleeping Dolores. But Dolores wakes up in a dark night, not a happy sabbath as it is every day. Dolores, commanded by the outside voice, is asked to go to the outside, but meanwhile, she is asked if she remembers or not. For the moment, we leave this scene, which will become important in the next few minutes, to be reminded at the end of the episode.



The first episode is the new look of interest. Two new visitors to our possession of more information about Westworld come to the company where they can enter Westworld with train. William, who will be visiting Westworld for the first time, and Logan, who is obviously an annoying character who dragged him on the arm. Obviously, the relationship between William and Logan is not clearly expressed in this section. But we think that these two are brother-in-laws, considering that William was married with the knowledge that Logan’s sister had come here before and that William should be relieved by example. But obviously he does not like Logan, and the idea of ​​Westworld is a big hit in the first place.


Westworld william


Let's talk about the fun fact in this episode. The officer android, who met William in the main company, is being played by Elon Musk' ex-wife, Talulah Riley.


While Riley’s animated android is telling about the mechanics in the Westworld to the William, a couple of questions are answered. At Westworld, where we can see like an interactive open world game, guests are asked to make reservations before traveling inside the world. Visitors are left with variety of clothes to choose from before they can experience their first experience, and dozens of weapons to choose from. We also understand that William is questioning the reality of weapons that are looks real “enough” to be true. It makes sense that Android’s blacks do not hurt visitors, but they can easily hit robots with the same weapons.




Cowboy with white hat


We see from the first minute that William’s character is quite “conservative”, which is even more interesting later in this chapter. The answer to William, who is curious as to whether Riley is a robot, is quite impressive: “Will it matter if I can not tell it from the truth?” Westworld mechanics are actually built on this sentence. It is the point where the visitors can not distinguish between real humans and robots, and their own adventures are the basis of their lives.


For the minutes of the episode, William’s acting like a real human being to the androids indicates that he has not yet fully reached the breakup in town. The fact that Logan, who is not afraid of killing, tells William that the easiest way to distinguish an android from a visitor is to shoot him, he confirms that he can not harm each other with existing weapons. On the other hand, William’s emphasis on the fact that he does not want to be with a prostitute in a virtual environment and that he has a real wife at home shows once again that he continues his moral understanding in the virtual world as in the first scene. On the other hand, the impact that Dolores left in William is a giant question mark. Dolores, who succeeded in drawing attention to William clearly, also pointed out to William that we will see this duo together later on.


Westworld ford


Bernard’s secret


One of Westworld’s most interesting characters could be Bernard. Both his relationship with Dr. Ford and his suspicious behaviors in the last episode  draw attention on him. But in this chapter, Bernard goes one step further and creates new theories in our minds. We have noticed that Bernard’s protective attitude towards Dolores, as well as the impression that he is not involved in any kind of relationship with other synths, has not escaped our attention. Bernard, who speaks mysteriously to Dolores, does not hesitate to intervene in the game. Bernard, apparently hiding these conversations, is obviously aware of certain events. Emphasizing that Dolores is different from other androids, Bernard is increasingly likely to have an outside voice that directs Dolores in the episode.
Another interesting thing about Bernard is his talks with Dr. Ford. This section is for Bernard to do these androids. We see that he learned from Ford. “You taught them to do it, but you did not teach them to shut up,” suggests that Bernard is in an emotional connection with the robots. He seems to be the only one who cares about the robots at Level 83 after Ford. We have received a lot of different signals about Bernard throughout the episode, but it would be more accurate to write them in the theory part at the end of the article.


Westworld the man in black


The end of the game


While the man in black came a little closer to the purpose of this chapter, we had obtained the remaining parts of the maze.  The man in black, who “saved” a man named Lawrence, believes Lawrence will show off his labyrinth. Later he gets a big show and impressive words, then he gets the information he wants. However, the point that attracts our attention here is the him saying, “I am coming here for 30 years”. Considering the fact that Dolores is the oldest robot in the theme park and our man in black has been coming for 30 years, he must have been in the game since the earliest days of the park. Who knows, maybe one of the main team? However, these regular visits to the display of the company by the eyes of the labyrinth seems to be a problem for now.


Westworld dolores


Dolores remembers


In this episode, we did not have much chance to see our lovely little town girl, Dolores. But Dolores spreads the feeling of waking his father like a virus. We will believe that Dolores, guided by the outer sound, is almost conscious. Especially when Bernard asks if he’s doing something wrong, it shows that Dolores is also worried about his role as a town girl. At the end of the episode we find that a weapon found by Dolores is a real revolver that can hurt visitors much more than the weapons in the Westworld world.


Westworld maeve



Maeve Millay is one of the survivors of the town. Although this episode is a closer look at her life, Maeva wants to be exposed to the poor performance she has experienced, even though she tells some stories to almost everybody. But at the beginning of the episode, Maeve begins to remember when Dolores said to her, “The pleasures that start with violence will end violently.” At this point Maeve, who remembers the past, also remembers the man in black. For 30 years, this virtual world has gotten in the presence of the man who points out that almost every character is acquainted with all its qualities.


Maeve’s prominence in this section is her ability to get herself out of sleep. Despite the fact that it is not only given the concept of dreams but the concept of being a dreamer, Maeve is having a very strong dream / remembering, and she is able to open her eyes in real life by forcing herself. Existential awareness, like Dolores’ father, leaves a serious break when facing the real world while her mind is still in the town life. Especially when people in the town are stacked and cleaned like a slaughterhouse, it is the last point that Maeve can afford. If the robot wakes itself up by force, it is almost proof that artificial intelligence has gradually developed.


Westworld ford


Dr. Ford


In the new episode, we have a closer look at Dr. Ford’s god complex. The fact that Ford, who has a “back door” to the created world, is able to act without any knowledge, is also the basis of theories that we will explain shortly. We are eagerly awaiting Ford’s new story, which confronts a child we think is his childhood, and tells him the story of a white church town. The possibility that Ford has put his childhood in Westworld may be a move he made to not forget himself. However, the dismissal of the child again may be interpreted as Ford’s next step in the God complex.


Small theories


The world of Westworld has realistic androids that make people really paranoid. The choice of colors between the real world and the town makes it easier to distinguish the two universes. While the real world is a colder, more metallic place where blue tones prevail, Westworld is dominated by orange and red tones that match the wild west. We can understand the real world assets of the robots from this color transformation.


But what if there is a robot that is in the real world since the beginning?


We should say we expect a big surprise on the line. Our biggest prediction in this regard is that one of the team actually becomes a robot. But of course there are some things we base this argument on. First of all, let’s say our probable robot is Bernard. In addition to his bond with other robots, talking to Ford is also very suspicious. It is suggestive that  Ford taught him how to make robots and that they have created this universe together. While Ford emphasizes that Bernard knows very well what he thinks, he is not normally regarded as Westworld, which is a word that would be considered normal on any given line, which is very difficult to distinguish between human and robot. Ford shows that everybody can do something in secret, but it increases the likelihood that anyone has made his own robot Alfred without knowing it. Bernard’s relationship with Cullen does not change the fact that the robot joke on Bernard is like a blind spot finger, but sometimes the surprises are actually quite obvious. Bernard’s emotional consciousness and the possibility of raising robots is for now.


We are thinking about the purpose of this virtual world for William and Logan. The emphasis on the fact that Logan is in a business trip makes it even more subtle. But it is difficult to say anything in the next revolution of the country.


We also learned quite interesting things about the small research-ending system we did with Westworld. First of all, it is stated in the Westworld world that a visitor can have a maximum of 28 days. In this case, we have 28 days in total to realize the purpose of our man in black, who stresses that he will never return. At Westworld, it’s almost impossible to “be killed”, but not completely impossible. For this reason, the company signs a waiver form for visitors. So if you suffer damage in Westworld, the firm is not responsible for it.


Another interesting item is the fact that Westworld can use the remains of its visitors. They are able to pick up residues containing DNA, such as hair, skin, saliva, and use them as they wish. This reveals the possibility that the physical characteristics of people in Westworld might have taken from people who live in the real world. But for now, we think it’s too early for this theory. So we keep this theory in order to improve in the following parts.



The secret in the site, where the conditions are written down, is that the voice recordings of Dolores’ father are hidden in the site. The man who says hell’s doors are open, warns you about your escape. This reminder of an awakening reminded us of robots waiting quietly at Level 83. Peter, whispering something to Bernard’s ear, can wake up “scales” in that dark room. In this case, both internal and external insurrection may start a new conflict between humans and artificial intelligence. But it’s a bit early for this theory. At least for now.



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