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What we will see in CES 2017?

CES 2017

What we will see in CES 2017?

CES 2017, the first major technology event of the year, in other words the Consumer Electronics Fair is opening its doors in the US Las Vegas this week. This year’s exhibition will be one of the largest CES events to date, spanning approximately 230 thousand square meters.


With the opening speeches, meetings and announcements to be held in CES this year, the interest of the industry will be translated into Las Vegas. You can follow the latest news about CES 2017 from BrightTitan. We will also hear the most important developments and presentations on the BrightTitan as well. Before CES 2017, we list the 7 mainstreams that are expected to stand out in this fair.



Meizu speaker


Next Generation Technologies in Sound


Although dominance in the technology sector is generally on screen, it is expected that voice quality at this year’s CES will be much higher than in previous years.


Before coming to CES, Samsung announced that it would bring out the products it calls “voice future”. These include speakers that feature audio amplification technology, called UHQ, or Ultra High Quality Audio. LG says it will bring portable speakers that will hypnotize visitors to the foyer. They also have a wearable speaker called Tone Studio. This speaker is aimed at providing a personalized environmental sound experience for everyone.



In addition, companies such as Ossic, Stages, ReSound and Oticon will exhibit their products and new technologies, offering products in the field such as enhanced audio, 3D sound and personalized audio experiences.




New Experiences with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality


Virtual reality and enhanced reality technologies have matured well into 2016. Fruits of this maturity are expected to be collected a little more at CES 2017. More than 70 of the companies to be located in the exhibition area are operating for the VR market. This is an increase of almost 50 percent compared to the previous year. However, Oculus, which is owned by Facebook, will not participate in CES 2017.


HTC Vive, Oculus’s biggest competitor in the top-of-the-line virtual reality equipment segment, will present more than 30 combined VR experiences in different areas such as entertainment, healthcare, corporate and education, at CES 2017. Big players in the virtual reality market are not expected to make any big announcements at the fuard. HTC has already announced that Vive 2 will not be shown at CES. Instead, we can see many of the 360-degree cameras, as well as various virtual reality accessories such as gloves, control, eye tracking solution.


Although the prevalence is small compared to virtual reality, CES is expected to exhibit enhanced reality and mixed reality solutions that benefit from mobile, protection, mirroring and head-mounted display technologies.



Gear Fit 2


Health is Gaining More Importance for the Technology Companies


From childhood to sleep, fitness and even management of serious illnesses, digital health solutions are increasingly entering homes to further improve the physical health of people.


Samsung is expected to show three new C-Lab projects at CES. These include a skin care solution called S-Skin, which measures skin hydration and redness, and a portable device called Lumini that detects skin problems before they are even considered.


Step by step, traditional wearable technology products that keep a record of caloric content will continue to show up at CES 2017, while network-based patient treatment devices that examine and treat patients with medicinal solutions are expected to be exhibited.



Blackberry DTEK50


BlackBerry and TCL


No more smart phone announcements are expected at CES this year. Manufacturers will keep their mobile-oriented announcements more at the Mobile World Congress in late February. However, BlackBerry said its brand will show at CES how it will continue to live on next generation smartphones. This announcement gets a little more important because it gives TCL the right to use its trademark.


TCL, the company behind the Alcatel branded devices, is also the maker of BlackBerry’s DTEK50 and DTEK60 phones. We will have the opportunity to see the next steps of the BlackBerry and TCL collaboration at CES this year.



The BlackBerry DTEK70, now known as Mercury code, is expected to be introduced at CES 2017. The device is said to have features such as a 4.5-inch screen, 2.0 GHz Qualcomm processor, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB internal memory, 18 megapixel rear camera and an 8 megapixel front camera.



Amazon Echo


Internet of Things


The network or interconnected objects will not be limited to just the digital field of health.


In fact, it is expected that the intelligent devices that can be connected to the internet, which is called the Internet of Things, will be one of the most important agenda items of CES 2017. Wi-Fi enabled devices will be exhibited in many halls of the fair, aiming to make people’s lives even better.


We expect to see the internatable versions of many objects related to our everyday life such as pet feeders, trash cans, chests, thermostats, lighting devices, toothbrushes, children’s toys at this year’s fair.



Lucid Air


New Generation Automobiles


At CES, park assistant, collision avoidance, emergency brake and more important than anything else; It is expected that many innovations and technologies related to the future of autonomous driving technologies such as energy consumption will be exhibited.


It is known that Faraday Future plans to perform a big show at CES this year. The California-based electric car company exhibited its high-performance electric car called FFZERO1 last year. The company announced on Twitter that it plans to show the model it intends to put into production line in the near future.


The fuels are expected to exhibit the futuristic automobiles of big car makers. Hyundai, for example, announced that it would exhibit its self-go-kart on the streets of Vegas. Honda has announced that it will exhibit a fully automatic electric car concept, which it calls NeuV.





Robots are Flourishing


The time for the robots is approaching. CES is expected to exhibit intelligent, autonomous machines that can see, hear and react to the environment in 25 different participants in the robotics section. This year’s fair will also be an entirely independent space where 41 companies will exhibit their drone-related projects.



At CES 2017, we can say that robotic technology products such as vacuum cleaners, drones with high-resolution action cameras, collapsible drones, child-friendly training robots will be exhibited.


iOS 10 | Siri


Artificial Intelligence Everywhere


Finally, at CES 2017, we will see artificial intelligence, or the abbreviation of English, often referred to as the AI ​​term. Flash drives and mobile applications are expected to be exhibited in automobiles and robots, examples of built-in artificial intelligence technologies.


CES 2017 is expected to include many smart home solutions that can be activated and managed by voice and smart home-focused products. Solutions for Amazon Echo and Alexa, Apple’s Home app, and tools that integrate with Siri will be featured in Las Vegas.

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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