Chrysler Portal is for families

In the future of the auto industry, the comfort and the entertainment of those traveling in the car seems to be a bigger space. Chrysler is showing its adoption of this approach with its new concept car, Portal. The electric car, announced at CES 2017, features facial recognition and biometric verification with voice.



In the Chrysler’s statement, it was stated that the car, developed by considering the “millennium children” was aimed at being more than a car and becoming an important part of people’s daily life.


Chrysler Portal

The portal, which looks like an SUV and a minivan hybrid, has three seating positions. There is a selfie camera in the Portal to make the journey as “connected” as possible. Having information about passengers, the car can help you plan your trip.



In the Chrysler Portal, the passengers sitting in the rear seats can make updates on their journeys thanks to the screens on the front. There is also a diaphragm system for communication between the driver and the passengers sitting at the rear of the car.
Chrysler Portal is not only attracting attention with its selfie and social sharing features. The car will travel 400 miles with a fully charged battery. The DC quick charger will provide 240 kilometers of coverage with a 15 minute charge. Lidar, radar, ultrasonic sensors and a camera make it possible for the car to progress semi-autonomously. Although Chrysler Portal is not going to sell out for the time being, it’s important to remember that concept cars do not usually show up on the roads.

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