Faraday Future FF91

Faraday Future failed at stage!

Faraday Future’s new car, FF91 has been finally shown at CES. The introduction event for the Faraday Future’s first car was one of CES’s most anticipated events. As in the trailers the company published before the event, the car was compared with its competitors such as Bentley Benteyga, Tesla Model S P100D, Model X P100D and even with the Ferrari 488.



The FF 91, which has four-wheel drive infrastructure, has a total of four electric motors. Producing 1050 horsepower and 1,800 Nm of torque, these engines allow the FF 91 to reach 0 to 100 km/h ( 60 mph ) in just 2.39 seconds. The Faraday Future team, which co-operated the development of the battery with LG Chem, indicates that there is a 130 kWh battery pack in the FF 91. The model also offers quick charge support, which is explained to have 608 in daily life with batteries and 700 km in test conditions. According to the Faraday Future, the FF 91 can reach to 50 percent of its full capacity in 4.5 hours when used with 240V power supplies located in the houses or reach full capacity in under 1 hour with fast charge.



When we look at the numerical values ​​of FF 91, we see a length of 5,250 meters, width of 2,283 meters,  height of 1,598 meters and 3,200 meters of axle distance. Among these values, it is the axle distance over the length of 3 meters that gives us the clearest clue about the usage area presented inside. When compared to the 2,841-meter value of the Skoda Superb model, which has the widest internal volume of this segment, we can clearly see how large an internal volume FF 91 offers.


In FF 91, which has the self-parking feature with the developed autonomous system, there are 13 radar, 12 sensors, 10 high resolution cameras and one lid that can be 3D modeled (using the hood). The FF team aims to remove the blind spot entirely by placing this camera in the side mirror. Faraday Future has made important strides in autonomous driving and continues the development process in California.


Interested buyers should go to and apply for $ 5,000 deposit. If they wish, they will be able to choose the “Alliance Edition” version which will be produced only 300 units. It is stated that the delivery of the cars will start in 2018.



Future Faraday explained that they will give more details about FF91 in another event to be organized later. The event will take place later in the year.


Faraday Future FF91

Faraday Future FF91

Faraday Future FF91


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