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Microsoft Edge | Review

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge | Review

Windows 10 is more popular than you think. No other operating system of Microsoft has spread as fast as Windows 10. We have so far received a predominantly positive conclusion: Windows 10 is the equivalent successor to Windows 7 as it not only had its operating system on new bases, but dared with a new browser reboot, Edge. The successor of the much scolded Internet Explorer (IE) promises a new surfing experience thanks to the modern substructure and fresh surface. But is this enough to compete with the competitors Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome? BrightTitan presents the current functions and advantages of the browser and shows which innovations are in the spotlight.


With the Creators Update, Microsoft is currently planning the third major expansion package for Windows 10. In addition to numerous changes and some innovations for the operating system itself, the so-called feature upgrade also brings a number of new features for the Edge, which are designed to simplify surfing. Most noticeable is the new tab preview. By clicking, the Microsoft browser directly displays an overview of all open web pages above the URL bar. Practically, If you are surfing more often with several parallel tabs, you will find the web page you are looking for faster. The tab is also new. All currently open tabs can also be moved with one click. This is useful if you do not need a new topic and the “old” tabs for the time being. However, the same effect can also be achieved in other ways, for example, by opening a new browser window. To surf with the browser’s private mode, you do not have to start Edge anymore. This also works by right-clicking on the edge icon in the quick menu. Who wants to play Flash content with Edge, must release the first with a mouse click. The Microsoft browser blocks the flash technology that is considered to be less energy-efficient and unsafe. Interesting is the possibility to open eBooks directly with Edge without having to install extra software for it. For further information on the new features of the Edge, you can read our Windows 10 Creators Update analysis.



But even without the Anniversary Update, Edge has a lot to offer, with which you can find the Edge in the middle of the competition in vain or you might thing that it has to retrofit. One of the most interesting features of the Microsoft browser is, for example, the possibility to transfer web videos, music and pictures from the browser to the TV. Positively, Microsoft is using the established Miracast and DLNA, which should support almost all network-compatible players. Edge does not need a separate streaming stick like Chromecast. Disadvantage is that protected content like videos from Netflix can not be brought to the big TV screen. In addition, Microsoft is constantly working on the Cortana support for its browser. If you have opened a PDF document with Edge, and you encounter an unknown word, you can mark it and ask Cortana to search the web for an explanation. The separate overview of Edge also shows which functions are still in the IE successor.


In the summer of 2016 Microsoft surprised with the message that Edge consumes significantly less power than its competitors such as Google, Mozilla and Opera. According to the software giant, Netflix can run in the edge browser on a laptop up to 70 percent longer than with Chrome. To this end, the company released a video that shows in a timed manner how Chrome, Firefox, Opera successively runs the juice while Edge is running more efficiently. BrightTitan has tested the same thing in the our test laboratory. In the same way as Microsoft, a surface book was used. On the freshly installed Windows 10 system, we, as BrightTitan, did not make any adjustments or changes. Only the current Windows and firmware updates had installed on our testing computers. In addition, the latest version was added. In the so-called “binge watching”, Edge and Chrome had to prove who has the longest breath in the Netflix streaming as we seamlessly play few movies.


The result was surprising: In the our test, the battery life with Edge was once again significantly longer than Microsoft’s claim. Only after nine hours and three minutes did the surface book slack. In a second pass, Chrome had to prove its energy hunger with the same Netflix stream in the continuous play mode. With the Google browser, the Surface-Book made just six hours and 33 minutes. This is certain: Only through the choice of the browser were more than 2.5 hours of additional film enjoyment in it – an amazing value.



But how does Microsoft do it? The company itself claims to have optimized its new browser from the outset on mobile use. However, Microsoft does not provide detailed information on the background of the technology. For users, however, the result is clear: anyone who is traveling with the notebook should give the new Windows browser a chance. The longer running times in the battery operation are definitely a significant advantage compared to the competition. Eventually, it is the same story as using the Safari on MacOS, instead of Chrome.


The Edge browser comes in a simple design: the flat design and discreet control symbols which look modern and clean. However, Edge has a lot to offer: the homepage provides a quick overview of the frequently visited pages. But also news of your choice, the weather and sports results can be found here. The new note function allows you to “freeze” web pages and add notes and comments. If necessary, save the document in PDF format and share it with your colleagues or friends. If you find something interesting on the net, save the link in the new list page to remember the source for later. The new reading mode is also practical: it shows articles in a read-friendly view, makes the text bigger and prevents disturbing elements.


If you think Microsoft’s announcement to push Internet Explorer to the siding is a PR trick that is deceptive. Not only on the surface is that Edge fundamentally different from its predecessor, even under the hood, Microsoft has cleverly cleared old browser technologies like Active-X and Flash. There are new web standards that promise more speed and security. Thanks to the significantly improved HTML5 support, the browser finally speaks the modern language of the network and also displays media content without the hassle of additional software. The developers have neatly cleared the JavaScript code, which makes for smoother and faster surfing. In addition, Microsoft uses a smart-screen filter to protect you against phishing attacks. Via the Sandboxing mode, the manufacturer wants to prevent unwanted viruses from the net on your PC.


Fast speed, improved battery consumption and fresh functions: Microsoft succeeds with Edge, which the manufacturer failed in Internet Explorer for many years. To be a serious alternative to Chrome and Firefox, it is not enough. This is simply missing a mobile offshoot for Android and iOS, in order to have access to the web on the smartphone or open web pages. The extensions for Edge are good, but the selection is manageable. Here are some more. Apart from that, Microsoft is doing a lot with Edge, but anyone who has used the Microsoft browser so far is only to download Firefox or Chrome. However, we think that they should give this novice a chance.



For 20 years, Microsoft has played an important role in the development of the Internet with the IE ( Internet Explorer ). But now is the end: With Windows 10, the software giant not only wants to iron out its Windows 8 debacle, but also to polish its battered image as a browser manufacturer. In order to realize this, Microsoft has decided to discontinue the development of IE and to restart the reboot with a fresh browser. With the release of the pre-release version of Windows 10 at the end of March 2015 (build 10049) , the newcomer – still under the name “Project Spartan” – landed for the first time in the trial version of the operating system. Only at the developers’ conference ( with Build 2015 ) did the Microsoft give the official name of the new browser for Windows 10: Edge. Three months later, it was released and provided with Build 10158 of Windows 10.


If you want to try the program, do not pass the Windows 10. Microsoft only delivers Edge with the new operating system – versions for Windows 7 or 8 do not exist and should not come. Whether the browser still appears in a version for Android or iOS, the manufacturer keeps open. Rumors, according to which offshoots for other platforms are in the work, have so far not confirmed.

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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